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Maino – “MVP”

NBA Allstar Weekend takes place in Brooklyn New York from February 13 to February 15th of this year.  Many celebrities, groupies, athletes & fans will be there, but the last few years has shown that when the stars come out so do the goons.  Check out this new freestyle from Maino, the self-proclaimed ‘King Of Brooklyn’, over the Gangstarr classic ‘Just To Get A Rep’. I guess people better tuck their chains in next weekend because some things may not have changed in Crooklyn.

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Lebron James Does ‘Off The Wall’ Dunks During Miami Heat Practice (Video)

People keep complaining about Lebron James not participating in the NBA Slam Dunk contest year after year, but the league hasn’t exactly offered any attractive incentives for the best players to stay involved in it every year.  The winner of the contest only receives around $35,000. If I’m not mistaken, even the prize money is not worth getting involved.  At least when Blake Griffin won the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk contest he got a check from the KIA car company too from jumping over one of their vehicles.  Spoiled fans still panned Griffin’s efforts on social media despite what I thought was still an entertaining dunk.  My impression is that most of the people who are clamoring for Lebron to get in the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk contest are those who wish to see him fail anyway. If you’ve been following King James for a while you know he’s one of the illest dunkers ever in the NBA period. Check out the video above as Lebron drops some ill off-the-wall dunks during the Miami Heat’s recent practice in Phoenix and below I posted a reminder video of the skills of King James during a charity game for Chris Paul’s charity foundation in North Carolina.

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TheNewContent: NBA All-Stars Discuss Their All-Time ‘Hip Hop’ Starting Five with Jayforce (Video)

TheNewContent Hip Hop Channel set up shop in Houston for NBA Allstar Weekend.  The man himself, @Jayforce_ (The Beatz and Lyrics Show / caught up with 3 of the East’s First Time Allstars (Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday) and they gave us their All-Time Hip Hop Allstar starting five. **music by @LexBoogie from the Bronx.

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2013 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (Video)

Here in Houston during the 2013 NBA All-Star festivities you can get a sense that people still look forward to the NBA’s annual Slam Dunk Contest. The vibe was one in which many people were hoping Lebron James decided to get into it, but that would not be the case as he & several other stars who are more than capable played the sidelines. The Toronto Raptors’ Terrence Ross took the crown this year, but the NBA needs to provide more of a REAL incentive for the league’s biggest stars to get involved in the long run for this event to thrive.
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Common On ESPN’s First Take During NBA All-Star Weekend (Video)

I’m here in Houston, Texas for all of the NBA All-Star weekend activities & one of the primary things I didn’t want to miss was ESPN’s First Take doing a live taping on Friday morning in Houston. Needless to say, due to schedule conflicts, I didn’t make it in the building but it sure looked like fun as Common was the special guest on the show. In this special edition that aired live Common debated with Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith on everything from playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and those annoying arguments about who would win in a game of one-on-one between LeBron James or Michael Jordan.
Update: Behind-The-Scenes Footage Added Below
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NBA Star JaVale McGhee’s Mom Slam Dunks A Kiss On Dr. J (Video)

Delonte West is on the scope out now! Haha! Unless Dr. J doesn’t circle back for her first. Dr. J knows a little something about dunking…..

NBA Allstar Weekend: Snoop Dogg Celebrity Basketball Tournament (Video)