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Victims Of Misfortune (Extended Trailer)

The American criminal justice system is more about addressing the ‘criminal’ part rather than the ‘justice’ part of its moniker. A quick search on ‘prison’ on here will tell you that. But this “Victims Of Misfortune” shows how deep the dung is; addressing what happens to the imprisoned after they have served their time. Facts and nearly two decades of research folks. Don’t argue with folks who disagree, as this is no longer a debate. This is a documentary that exposes truths and shares knowledge.

Victims Of Misfortune is a feature-length, social change documentary that will give a historical and current look at America’s criminal justice system and the discriminatory policies that people with a criminal background face, post conviction/release. Victims Of Misfortune will also take a closer look at America’s system of indentured servitude putting the practice in proper historical context. The United States has 5 percent of the world population, with around 25 percent of the world’s prisoners (over 2.4 million people behind bars). Nearly $70 billion is spent annually on probation/parole, prison and detention centers for immigration detainees. Once these people are released from prison or have a criminal record, they are then discriminated against for employment, housing, education, governmental benefits and some even deported.

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Tech Training And A Real Chance Outside: San Quentin Inmates Find Hope In ‘The Last Mile’ (Video)

Incredible story. More than “feel good” this is “DO good”… by helping inmates at San Quentin prison in the last stretch of their sentences, The Last Mile program gives them what one out of every two ex-cons don’t currently get when they get out: a chance! The program teaches tech skills and allows the to develop and demo (e.g. present, on stage, to an audience) business proposals for investors. Now… there is NO promise of success for these prisoners-turned-pitchmen; but is anything in life ever “promised?”

Guaranteed though, no one in the clips above or below (after the jump) are down about their chances in life. A little nervous; sure, probably outright scared. But this is exciting, worthwhile stuff. Please watch and share!

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