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U.S. Veterans Deliver Powerful Apology To Native Americans At Standing Rock (Video)

Someone is probably going to find a way to be mad at these vets about this, but oh well. I salute these troops who likely served proudly with reverence, demonstrated humility and purity of heart. They still serve, in a different way here, with this bold, sincere, and timely formal apology. On bent knees at Standing Rock. Watch and be moved.

“We fought you, we took your land, we signed treaties that we broke…we beg for your forgiveness.”
Wesley Clark Jr.

Note the chosen pronoun ‘we’… not shirking the legacy (good & not-so-good) they joined when they joined to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. And they were granted forgiveness in front of those assembled. A largely symbolic ceremony to be certain; but still very powerful!


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Innocent Man Befriends The Crooked Cop Who Sent Him To Jail For Four Years (Video)

An innocent man is now friends with the corrupt cop who framed him and got him sent to jail for four years??? Let me go on and say it: If it was me, I couldn’t forgive. No hell NO!

But for this case… Not gonna spoil this clip for you. After watching, not sure how you will feel about the story, but it will make you say, “Wooowwwww.” One way or the other.

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