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“Resurrecting Black Wall Street” (Trailer)

The term Black Wall Street” has been thrown around by a lot of rappers from time to time. The reality is the term Black Wall Street speaks to the amazing times of Black Prosperity in Tulsa Oklahoma in the 1920’s. The Greenwood neighborhood located in Tulsa had a number of Black doctors, dentists, bankers, and business owners. They spent money amongst themselves had their own bus companies and were doing better than most of the whites in Tulsa. It all came to a crashing bloody ending when false accusations were made regarding a white woman saying she was attacked by black men from the neighborhood. This led to the first time the US government bombed it’s own people yes you read that correctly the Feds dropped a bomb and destroyed the neighborhood. If you didn’t know the GAP Band is from Tulsa, OK one of their famous songs is “You dropped the Bomb on me” and you thought that was just talking about the ladies.

Well Your Black World Films has a documentary coming out detailing Black Wall Street and how we can make our modern day Black Wall Street. Check out the trailer and CLICK HERE to Pre- order the movie!

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Behind The Scenes: Charlie Wilson Working With Fantasia On Roger Troutman Remake (Video)

This is some great footage of the legendary Charlie Wilson speaking with Fantasia about an idea he has to remake the classic Roger Troutman hit ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’. I’m not a fan of remakes on classics as big as the original, but at least its a legend like Charlie Wilson trying to make it work. If you just happen to be too young to remember or just plain ignorant I’ve included the song below so you can get familiar with the classic that also happens to be one of my favorites……