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Travel: Jetpacking In Maldives Should Be The New ‘End Game’ For Next Vacation (Video)

DUUUUUDE! That dude is rocking out in his real life! Flying over water in a jetpack outfit like he was Ironman Tony Stark! DOPE! The human flight tech featured is from Gravity Industries.


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Technology: British Inventor Presents His Take On The ‘Iron Man’ Flight Suit (Video)

Okay, Robert Downey Jr. studied Elon Musk to capture his essence and channel it to bring ‘Iron Man’ to life on the big screen. Fact. But what about the flying armor suit tech? Is that ever gonna come to life? Could be.

A British inventor has created his very own human propulsion jet suit – he’s being dubbed the real-life ‘Iron Man.’
– Sky News

Yes, Richard Browning has done a lot of falling down to get up to this point. And he admits in the video there is a way to go before humans will be using this for anything like day-to-day human transport. But this video is SO much like that scene when Tony Stark was building the Mark II suit in ‘Iron Man.’ After the jump, you’ll see that clip and more video on the prototype jet suit.

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