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Technology: Scorpion-3 Hoverbike (Trailer)

The Scorpion-3, or S-3, is being touted as The World’s First Fully-Manned Hoverbike. Thanks to Russian startup engineering company, Hoversurf, we now have a crowd-funded hoverbike, single-seat aircraft, drone-car, drone-taxi, cargo-drone… you get it… whatever a 1-person vehicle does, the S-3 platform does – a few meters above where a motorbike does and a lot lower than where a helicopter does. The S-3 is a fully-manned, hovering quadcopter that represents a big leap in human mobility and Air Transport as a Service (ATaaS for short). Are you ready for another dream come true? That is…

Have you ever dreamed of flying with the same simplicity as riding a bike?

Watch the video.

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Look At The New Nike Shoe With EARL (Electro-Adaptive Reactive Laces) Technology

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.

Posted by WIRED on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Duuuude! I was on some Phresher (waitWAITwait a minute) when I watched this. So we did not get the “Back To The Future” hoverboard like we were supposed to by now, but aren’t these the shoes from the movies? Wow!

Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot.
– Wired


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This Hoverbike Is A ‘Beast’ (Video)


Check out what going ‘Beastmode’ will mean to the future of travel. This Beast is a conceptual hoverbike, but wow, what a concept! Looking like part Tron, part Star Wars. All the way dope futuristic ride!

Check out a video compilation of hoverbikes of 2016 after the jump.

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MLB The Show 17 (Gameplay Reveal Trailer)

It’s here! The first official gameplay of The Show™ 17. Visit to pre-order now. Get your first glimpse of Ken Griffey Jr. in action.
– PlayStation

Whether you like it, or love it, MLB The Show 17 has got a PlayStation Experience for YOU! The Gameplay Reveal Trailer above is enough to validate predictions of what a lot of dudes (and females, equal opportunity gamer-slackers…Hahaaa!) are going to be tied up doing. Nice action shots and dope choice of music. Here we go now!

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History Of Social Dance (Video)

You know, we really ought to be smiling (at least on the inside) when the babies are going hard with the dances they do. May not be WHAT we used to do, but you KNOW we used to go just as HARD with the moves.

Turns out that there is a reasoning and history behind it all. And it’s all good. Now, excuse me while I get my Whip-Nae-Dab on!


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New GoPro Throwable Camera Lets You Capture High-Quality Aerial Footage (Video)

Wow. When the director calls out “throw” to camera 3… well, now the cameraperson will need some further clarification… Because GoPro, that’s why! Watch the clip above: You can aim, throw and shoot this GoPro (as many times as needed) to get the perfect aerial shot. Whyyyyy are we not filming touchdown receptions with a ‘football cam’ yet? Get on that GoPro. ASAP. And get Cam Newton to speak on it (Cam’s Aerial Cam, Air Cam Cam, ThrowPro…something more catchy).

Hey! What about a dodgeball cam?? Imagine commentating someone getting BLASTED in the face, huevos, guts, glutes or somewhere sensitive (yet hilarious) from the ‘incoming!’ point of view. Could be some fun tech! And you can invest in it via the link below.



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Think Baseball Games Are Too Long? So Does MLB (Video)

Baseball. If you’re a fan, you love it; including all its imperfections… the duration of the game, the pace, the lack of action, etc. But those things will have to be fixed to attract new fans; fans that are not currently ‘into’ the sport. Major League Baseball (MLB) knows. Vox knows. And now there’s a video to let us know. All that’s left is to right the ship or write the sport off as America’s Pastime.

MLB games are now longer than epic movies, but it wasn’t always that way.
– Vox

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It’s A Bird. It’s A Drone. Wait, It’s A Drone That Looks Just Like A Bird! (Video)

Now this looks like some action movie spy, James Bond, futuristic stuff! The Bionic Bird looks as much like a living bird that you would not give a second look. Watch this video of it flying above the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Seems easy to launch, easy to use. Check it out.

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Danish Travel Agency Promotes Getting Into The Babymaking Business (Video)

Hahaaa! Hey JayForce, you got friends over in Denmark, right? Why the f*ck aren’t they f*cking enough? Tell ’em to get to “work.” They got grandmas’ that need new babies on those knees over there (flashing back to my parents wanting to be grandparents back in the day…badly…shout to my brothers for handling the Jones babymaking biz)!

Denmark is struggling to keep their population at 5.6 million. The biggest cause for the decline: young couples aren’t having babies. One Danish travel agency, Spies Rejser, is urging young couples to go on vacation, where the chances of conceiving are higher.

Bottom line: Denmark dudes, take your lady on a vacay, and make a ‘babay’ (good for business AND pleasure)!


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Technology: It’s A Drone, An X-Wing… Nah, It’s A Parrot Swing (Video)

With Parrot Swing, you have the stability of a quadrocopter and the power of a plane!

Parrot Swing is the only mini-drone allowing you to pilot a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It’s also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode. With the Parrot Flypad controller, discover ultra-precise control to pilot like a pro. Transform the sky into an unbelievable race track!

Truth. But what’s even doper than the model/drone/toy is the possibilities for real-life. Imagine combining the great speed and efficiency of a plane with the ability to take off and land from small platforms, rather than long runways. Of course, the military would jump on this first. But imagine the search and rescue possibilities. Mobilizing quickly for tough terrain rescues, where planes cannot go but copters cannot be sent quick enough… disaster relief for that matter… Think about unmanned vehicles getting materials in and/or people out of places where the roads are impassible or non-existent.


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The Most Dangerous Beaches In The World (Video)

We got you on travel. Globetrotting experience out the wazoo. But this beach hazard report…wow! Must know info, esp. for beach bums and big wave chasers. Peep.

Beaches promise sun, surf and sand; everything you need for a paradise vacation or getaway. But all that beauty can be deceiving. Beneath its emerald waves, there can be all kinds of dangers. And it’s not just the water that you may have to worry about. Here are some of the most dangerous beaches found around the world.

Vacations on the beach are one of the most popular choices for winter getaways. Imagining the sun reflecting off the waves and glittering sand beneath your toes. But it’s not always as serene as it appears. Whether it’s dangerous rip tides, shark attacks or massive overcrowding, some beach dreams can soon turn to nightmares. Nestled in some of the most incredible locations around the world, these beaches hide a deadly secret. Before booking your summertime getaway, it may not hurt to do a little research into your destination.
– TheRichest

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Cuba’s Skate Culture (Trailer)

When you look at the parallels between cultures, you learn more about yours as well as theirs. Cuba’s burgeoning skate culture came about as the poor people there becoming practioners, doing their thing in the park, with other people there loving and nurturing something of their own right where it is happening, and the outside world recognizing its beauty and coming to partake. Sounds like Hip-Hop’s beginnings, right? Cuba skate culture is evolving in a way we recognize. Salute! They did not ‘invent’ skating per se, but this is their own flavor. Get a taste of Cuba’s skate scene with the trailer above from VICE SPORTS.

Cuba’s skate scene has no funding, very few resources and not much to speak of in terms of a skate park. But despite those obstacles scene is growing, thanks in part to organizations like Cuba Skate and the kids that want to see it furthered. We travelled with Ishod Wair, Lucien Clarke, Andrew Reynolds and special guest photographer Arto Saari to see the best skate spots that the country has to offer and take note of a vibrant underground skate scene on the verge of change.

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Technology: Upgrade Your Golf Cart Game With Bubba’s Jet Pack (Video)

Sports performance equipment and lifestyle item maker Oakley has teamed up with professional golfer Bubba Watson to create a flying platform that looks straight out of a “Jonny Quest” cartoon… with a special place to put your clubs. It’s called Bubba’s Jet Pack. AMAZING!

Waitaminute. Didn’t Oakley and Watson collaborate on the production of a golf hovercraft?? Yes, and we posted about that on here earlier.

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Comedy: Dax Shepard And Conan O’Brien Are Open To A Wife-Swapping Orgy. What Does Amber Rose Think?

Whoa. Dax Shepard with a lot of pauseworthy moments in this Conan segment. Haha! But you know Conan will get right in there and keep the funny going. But hey, wait, Amber Rose is there. So, if they want this convo to get next level freaky, all they have to do is ask.

And they do.


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Kendrick Lamar ‘Work-Work-Working’ Out His Own Version of “Work” & “Controlla” (Video)

Bwaaahahaaa! Drake fan site @WordOnRd is claiming to have captured/shared some priceless extortion-worthy audio of Kendrick Lamar singing like he is on one AND two. Then again, dude was probably just letting the fun flow. We’ve all been there; ‘in sync’ with the stereo making a singing noise that may or may not be joyful. Ha! Quick ‘car karaoke with K-Dot‘ clip for you to enjoy.

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Going Offline: Reconnect And Enjoy Each Other Some Time (Video)

Disconnect from the ‘webs and reconnect (and enjoy) your partner. This video went with the sex angle (heh-heh…sex…angles…okay, I am a perv, so what of it). But it makes a great point that has been made before. Sometimes, maybe we are too connected. So what if the restaurant you and sweetie want to go to for date night doesn’t have Wi-Fi. So what if that ‘day-cation’ spot y’all want to hit for some quality time has poor reception. SO WHAT! The ‘Net is great for keeping us connected when we would otherwise be apart; but when we are with our loved ones, let’s be present.

You feel me?

(That last sentence would SO work for a Durex ad. Hire me.)


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The BlackBoard (Teaser Trailer)

Wait, wait! Don’t click off like this is some schoolwork on a weekend. School’s out, but class… that’s always in. Remember that. But this is a chance to learn something. It’s a doc vid on Black skateboarders. Ahhh, right? Now, you see the whole title: “The BlackBoard.”

“The Blackboard” documentary film was produced and directed by attorney/indie filmmaker Marquis Bradshaw. The film aims to challenge what it means to be Black in America by examining the issue of acceptance within the Black community through the lens of skateboarding culture. “The Blackboard” stars prominent Black pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first Black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive major corporate sponsorship). As it relates to pop culture, skateboarding among Black people has only in recent years become socially acceptable, beginning with artists such as Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams.


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Barbie Doll Evolves To Match The Reality Of A Diverse World (Video)

Remember when Nicki Minaj used to holler ‘Barbie’ this and that? Were you mumbling (aloud or in your head) to yourself, “Cute, but not for real. Barbie ain’t shaped nothing like you, Nicki!” Well, I did. And arguments about cultural representation in our kids toys aside, I wasn’t mad about it. It just was what it was… like having a Black U.S. President. President Bill Clinton was pretty cool, and President Nelson Mandela had South Africa for us. I figured that was as close as we would get.

Then we got a Black President, but Mattel (maker of Barbie dolls) wasn’t budging. Y’all better chill with this sharp-nosed White girl with a tan and keep telling your daughters they’re beautiful. Yeah, it WAS like that. Then SOMEBODY at Mattel must have bumped their head and had a thought… Folks are REALLY not wanting to deal with ‘generic’ anything anymore, including toys. Music, Film and TV (the stuff with the characters that dolls mimic) has changed – lotta more shapes, sizes and colors in there. Parents (read: people that might stop buying Mattel’s stuff) are likely looking for that diversity in their babies’ toys, too. Looks like Mattel is back ready to do business…. and so #TheDollEvoles

(Smart business move. Miss me with any other explanation though. They changed for M-O-N–E-Y! That all. But at least our babies can play with something that looks closer to what they look like.)

Good thing, too. My Mom still collects Barbie dolls. I will be making her Christmas merry with some righteous Mattel newness!


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Drone Racing: The Sport Of The Future (Trailer)

So. What if – instead of newscasts, tech journal features, and hobbyist videos – we had some real action fun with drones? Showed folks getting down right professional with their high-flying high-tech fun, with the competitive edge of the fastest race car and baddest battle bot folks. Out to win… How would that be? It’d be DRL.

DRL is the first professional race series for FPV drone racing. The Drone Racing League brings the world’s best pilots together to fly the “DRL Racer 2” quadcopters head-to-head through new exciting neon-lit race courses. Drone Racing is the sport of the future, and you can find all of the full races, crashes, and competition on

The DRL’s first race is set to hit YouTube in February. Here is the League channel.

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Perfect Powder For Skiing… Through NYC Streets Behind SUV’s?? (Video)

So… what are we gonna do with all that snow in New York? Same as they do in the Colorado resorts…go snowboarding! Check these daredevils out as they whoosh through the NY city streets (set to a Frank Sinatra beat) tethered to SUV’s decked with snow treads. Wow.

It’s fun; until the cops come. F— that! It’s still fun. Shout to these #1 snow stunters.

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