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History: Harry Belafonte On JFK (Video)

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Film and civil rights figure Harry Belafonte in an honest, reflective discussion about the late great U.S. President John F. Kennedy (JFK). Being a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Belafonte met JFK as he was campaigning to become U.S. President… who initially came to court the Black vote as a purely political maneuver; not because he truly understood or wanted to help Black folk overcome.

“When I met with John, I was quite taken by the fact that he knew so little about the black community. He knew the headlines of the day, but he wasn’t really anywhere nuanced or detailed on the depth of Black anguish or what our struggle’s really about.”

Harry Belafonte To NBC News Correspondent Tom Brokaw

As we reflect on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination, The Huffington Post did an insightful piece – putting JFK, his effect in [Black] history, and history’s effect on the President. The piece declared, among other things, that the Black struggle for Civil Rights would not have been successful had JFK not died like he did, how he did, when he did.


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Wisdom From Harry Belafonte at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction for Public Enemy (Video)

Icon/artist/actor/activist Harry Belafonte did the movie “Beat Street” (that’s right). A supporter of the Hip-Hop Culture from way back then! So, listen to the OG speak on PE and more in this vid. Respect!

‘In this clip, Harry Belafonte, who helped induct Public Enemy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shares his views on rock and rap, the growth of Hip-Hop, favorite rock artists and connecting with younger generations.’

– Backstage at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Belafonte’s mission of changing the universe should be OUR mission, too!

(The 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on HBO Saturday, May 18.)

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Harry Belafonte Speaks On His Disappointment Of What’s Become Of The King Center In Atlanta (Video)

Roland Martin talks with legendary entertainer & civil rights activist Harry Belafonte in an exclusive Washington Watch interview from Mr. Belafonte’s office in New York City. During this particular segment the outspoken civil rights activist & humanitarian expressed his profound disappointment in what has become of the King Center here in Atlanta & being uninvited to speak at Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Harry Belafonte also discusses his views about Fidel Castro and Communism & more in other segments from the interview below…..
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