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Ernie Isley & Chuck D Speak On ‘Fight The Power’ (Video)

Wondering if each of the respective generations of listeners of these versions of “Fight The Power” knows about the other… Bet they do. Kind of cool even if they don’t, since NPR put this doc together #YouMustLearn

NPR’s American Anthem series brings together two songwriters — Ernie Isley of The Isley Brothers and Chuck D of Public Enemy — whose respective versions of “Fight the Power” eyed the same struggle… Ridenhour would later take the stage name Chuck D, as the leader of the pioneering rap group Public Enemy. In 1989, he wrote his own “Fight the Power” for the film ‘Do the Right Thing.’ The movie is set on the hottest day of the summer in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where the temperature leads long-simmering racial tensions to boil over in the street.
– NPR Music

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Public Enemy – “Nothing Is Quick In The Desert” (Album)

Got the lead from BadMagics. Scooped again! And I check for Public Enemy, and I check in with DJ Lord’s Facebook feed regularly. Buuut, what is most important, PE is still doing it!

After 30 years, 106 tours across 105 countries and countless records, thank you. This one is on Public Enemy. Get it while it’s free.

Nothing Is Quick In The Desert is a saying I use when the average person looks at the record industry. It looks dead like a desert. But there’s plenty of life in the desert when one is educated on what they see and hear. There, a cactus absorbs and stores water deep in its root, taken from the air itself and certain creatures thrive in that dry heat whereas the average cannot. It pays to be above average (or well below it) in the desert for survival. The music industry is similar in that analogy. It’s still in motion, it just needs redefinition.- Chuck D (to

Get it FREE. Now! Before this link goes down. It happens…



Classic Clips: Chuck D Speaks On Activism, How He Approaches Music And More (Video)

Ken Paulson, of the First Amendment Center, welcomes Chuck D on this classic throwback episode of ‘Speaking Freely’ (aired on May 18, 2001). The discussion touches on various topics over the course of the half-hour: Mista Chuck’s upbringing’s influence on his career, a survey of his musical influences, the origins of his group Public Enemy, and why he does his music as he does.

We would promote gigs and put Malcolm X on the cover of flyers and some cat would roll up to us… “Who’s this Malcolm The Tenth?

Great watching. Get to it.

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Prophets Of Rage To The RNC: ‘Make America Great Again?’ Nah, Make America RAGE Again! (Video)

Combine Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine), B-Real (of Cypress Hill), Chuck D & DJ Lord (of Public Enemy); and you get Prophets Of Rage. Then discover that their first tour stop will be to crash the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC), and you’ve got yourself a socio-political powder keg that could very well explode! And for many the sentiment is, “It’s about damned time!”

Tom Morello: I’m here to “make America rage again.”

Epic July on deck. And this will only be the beginning. Watch the clip above, and get the in-depth scoop at



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Public Enemy – “Bring The Noise” (Live) [Video]

Okay, one time for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers, the Hip-Hop’s Freedom Or Death Proclaimers, the… Public Enemy No. 1! Shout to the homie DJ Lord doing it out there as PE performs “Bring The Noise.” Yeeeeeaaauuh Boooyyyeeeee!

Watch as Public Enemy brought the noise to SXSW 2016.

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Public Enemy – “Mine Again” (Video)

Damn. The landmine…

From the latest Public Enemy album, “Man Plans God Laughs,” this is the visual for “Mine Again.”

So it’s cool to be black until it’s time to be Black?
Ain’t never too late to go back and give back.
So, I let born-afters
know I rap for Africa,
to give to The Motherland,
to see what’s “Mine Again.”
Chuck D


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Public Enemy – “No Sympathy From The Devil” (Video)

Yeah! Who’s still down with the P.E.? You reading this post, you’ve gotta say ‘ME!’ And here’s why – videos like this. Mista Chuck D not giving a what-the-f#ck spitting that fire! Check the imagery in case the lyrics about the ‘devil’ are not clear enough for you. This visual is for the single “No Sympathy For The Devil” off the Public Enemy LP “Man Plans God Laughs.”


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Public Enemy – “Man Plans God Laughs” (Video)

Concept video with a grounded feel. No glitz… realness. Hip-Hop Nation approved. Stand up for this “Man Plans God Laughs” visual as Professor Griff and Chuck D walk tall through the community; giving us a view of what could be and what could go wrong if we don’t stand strong for the community and the kids. This is the title track for the Public Enemy album out now (linked below).


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De La Soul featuring Chuck D – “The People”

“The idea for the song came from a couple of samples, and the track’s vibe is earnest and has a pressing tone to it. The lyrics are commentaries of our struggles and successes, our weaknesses and strengths… the experiences… and trials and tribulations we have faced as human beings, a race, and as individuals. Lyrically Chuck brings a sense of authority and urgency. The power in his voice demands your attention. With Chuck on the track this is a dream come true for us.

Originally “The People” was suppose to drop in June around the same time the Chuck D/Hot 97/Peter Rosenberg situation took place. We chose to hold off and not add fuel to any fires. Our next aim was for a Black Friday release. Coincidentally the Ferguson tragedy took place, and more recently the non-indictment verdict. Somehow this song was destined to be a part of something more than just dropping a joint. We hope it will lend itself to something positive in these difficult times.” – De La Soul

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The ‘Back And Forth’ Continues: Rick Rubin And Russell Simmons Talk About Public Enemy And More (Video)

Public Enemy changed everything about Black America…
Russell Simmons

The Hip-Hop version of The Clash?? Yep. And Rick Rubin would be the one to tell us about it in Back And Forth (Part 3). Get some gems and jewels about earrrly Chuck D, the founding and shaping of Public Enemy as an act (that would go on to enter the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… and rock on ‘The Tonight Show’ the other night) from Rubin and Russell Simmons. Great stuff!

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Public Enemy Rocks With ‘The Roots’ On The Tonight Show (Video)

The legendary Hall Of Famers Public Enemy (with the homie ATL’s own DJ Lord) brought their A-game as the musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Backed by the greatest band in late night, The Roots, they performed “Public Enemy No. 1.” Celebrating 30 years of Def Jam on The Tonight Show is the way to go. Check ’em out above as they bum rush the show!

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Public Enemy Frontman Chuck D Answers “The Questions” (Video)

On Okayplayer TV they run this segment called “The Questions.” The man with the answers this time – none other than Public Enemy No. 1 Chuck D! Shout out to the homie DJ Lord (Public Enemy’s DJ) in the background of this vid.

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Celebrating Public Enemy – “Rebels Without A Pause” Documentary (Trailer)

“I remember they first put out ‘Public Enemy Number 1’ … The delivery, the presentation, the sounds… me and [Jam Master] Jay took that tape and ran to Rick Rubin and Russell [Simmons] said this, ‘God has come down from heaven to rock the mic!'”

Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels

That is high praise! This is the trailer for “Rebels Without a Pause” – a film documenting the induction celebration of Public Enemy going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The documentary is hosted by Doug E. Fresh and features in-depth interviews with Eddie Murphy, Russell Simmons and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels – all speaking on the career and greatness of PE.

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Wisdom From Harry Belafonte at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction for Public Enemy (Video)

Icon/artist/actor/activist Harry Belafonte did the movie “Beat Street” (that’s right). A supporter of the Hip-Hop Culture from way back then! So, listen to the OG speak on PE and more in this vid. Respect!

‘In this clip, Harry Belafonte, who helped induct Public Enemy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, shares his views on rock and rap, the growth of Hip-Hop, favorite rock artists and connecting with younger generations.’

– Backstage at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Belafonte’s mission of changing the universe should be OUR mission, too!

(The 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on HBO Saturday, May 18.)

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Public Enemy – “Get Up Stand Up” feat. Brother Ali (Video)

It takes a ‘Nation Of Millions’ to hold back one of the greatest & most important rap groups in history from dropping that “REAL” socially relevant hip hop. The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Public Enemy led by Chuck D drop off a brand new video for “Get Up Stand Up” featuring the Minneapolis emcee Brother Ali.  The song appears on their ‘Evil Vs. Heroes’ album that’s currently available.

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Remember When Chuck D Performed in Omaha? No, You Don’t (Video)

Chuck D sits down in front of an audience of superfans as part of Monie Love’s ‘Ladies First’ on SiriusXM Backspin. In the clip above, he drops a megaton bomb: about the hot show in Omaha (Nebraska, USA) where the crowd was thrilled to see PE (Public Enemy) wreck the stage. But the dude they thought was Chuck D… was NOT Chuck… it was Brother Mike (one of the S1W).

‘…and to my rescue, it was a S1W!’ Chuck D’s verse came to life that day, for real. Check it out!

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Public Enemy – “Everything” (Video)

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has been speaking for the people for decades through his group’s music. While the majority of rap artists’ music in the mainstream today seems cloudy in focus, execution, & content, the group from Strong Island hasn’t lost any focus. The official 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees isn’t going to let nothing slow them down with their new video “Everything”  off of their “Evil Empire Of Everything” album.  In the clip they let the people speak through Chuck D’s booming voice.  The great thing about this song is PE reminds people that you are valuable even if it appears that you don’t have “Everything” popular culture tries to tell you that you’re nothing without.


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Public Enemy Nominated For The 2013 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

DJ Lord used Twitter to let the world know that the legendary group Public Enemy, for whom he deejays, has been nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. USA Today posted a brief online reporting the announcement and information on the final selection process:

‘Inductees will be determined by the hall’s voting body of roughly 600 artists, historians and music industry professionals. An artist or band becomes eligible for a nomination 25 years after releasing a debut single or album. This year’s nominees released their first recordings no later than 1987.’

See DJ Lord’s Tweet after the jump. READ THE USA TODAY WRITE-UP HERE.


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Chuck D (of Public Enemy) Speaks on Graduating from College, the Death of Chris Lighty, and More (Video)

Shout to BATT TUBE LIVE for starting this video with footage of Chuck D and Flavor Flav (of Public Enemy) doing it LIVE in Montreal! Only after that do we get into the in-depth interview, with Mehdi Medz talking with legendary emcee Chuck D. Chock full of good stuff, the interview portion has Chuck D covering a lot of topics – including, but not limited to, the formation of PE, how special it is to finish college, the truth and importance of lyricism, the loss of the late Chris Lighty. Well worth the watch!

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Public Enemy- I Shall Not Be Moved (Video)

Chuck D is the leader of one of my favorite groups of all-time & they still continue to represent globally. Check out this crispy brand new video from Public Enemy called “I Shall Not Be Moved” off of the new album “Most Of My Heroes Don’t Appear On No Stamp” that drops tomorrow Friday July 13th.

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