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Comedy: What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women (Video)

A lot of times I find myself laughing at comedy that hits home in some way. Watch this vid. To be clear what these dudes are doing is ridiculous…BUT… I have literally watched women end up falling into my brothers’ and cousins’ arms when they approached with some similar silliness. Hahaaa, I remember when one was at the student union building on campus with me back in the day; and he said aloud, “Hey girl, lemme holler atcha. YAAAAUUURRRGGGGHHH!”

She… um… she responded well to that witty approach.

So, I’m laughing, and winking; and enjoying. Poking fun at the men folk. Watch and chuckle up.


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TMZ: DMX Screaming His Heart Out On A Slingshot Ride (Video)

“I ain’t gone front. I’m scared as sh!t.”

When a DMX hollers, and there’re no other rappers around, it definitely makes a sound. And great viral video. True, anything X does on camera is going viral nowadays; but this moment of humanity…looking fear dead in the face…conquering challenges at the height of… a carnival ride.

Hahaaa! This TMZ clip has made the rounds on the web. DMX having fun, meeting new folk (dude in the seat next to him with a reassuring, “It ain’t nuttin'”), and wildin’ out in general. Watch and chuckle.


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