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Yvonne Orji (Molly On HBO’s “Insecure”) Is Keeping It Locked Until She Gets That Rock! [Video]

That Issa Rae “Insecure” show on HBO is a hit. Hahaha! How many times did they play with that ‘orgy’ vs. ‘Orji‘ pronunciation at the beginning? And WOW do they go right at ‘Molly’ right from the start on the Breakfast Club!

Yvonne Orji, the breakout star of HBO’s new show Insecure, stopped by the studio on Friday to talk with The Breakfast Club. Yvonne talked about playing a sexually free character named Molly on the show while being a 32-year-old virgin in real life. Yvonne also talked about her Nigerian roots, strong faith, and her first big break.

Great interview. Yvonne is hilarious and cool. So much so, this interview made me binge and catch up On Demand this past weekend. Yeah. That good. Watch and enjoy.

(Yvonne, fine guyull, I will stab you… BWAAAHAHAAAA!!)


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Odell’s Round Table: “Real Life Vs Meeting Online” (Podcast)

You have Tinder, Match, E-Harmony and a host of other online dating sites.  Seems like people get more action with their iPhones than with actual talking.  This is discussed in depth on latest episode of Odell’s Round Table real life Vs. Online dating.  Odell is joined by his friend Joe-Jabs and they dive into talk of Generation X’ers how they differ from millennials .  How the nuances of human interaction and the butterflies you get when first meeting someone outweigh online conversation.  How do you feel about this topic interact with the show.  First make sure to Subscribe on iTunes comment and rate the show.  Next tweet Odell @artbyodell & the show @ORTshow send emails with comments & show ideas to

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Good Vibes Only Podcast | Love & Basketball: Ep. 19 “Dating An Avid Sports Fan” (With JayForce & PictureMane)

Everywhere JayForce go, JayForce rep though! The appearance on this episode on this episode of the Good Vibes Only podcast is no different. He reps the brand, sure; but listen in as he reps for the guys, sports fanatics, guys that are sports fanatics…all that! But the angle for this show: Loving a sports fan. It’s a challenge (worthwhile though).

Sports fans need love too! On this episode, host AplusAshley sat down with Jayforce of and the Beats & Lyrics radio show and Itoro (PictureMane) of FansFavoriteFan, both certified sports junkies about the benefits and burdens of looking to score a sports nut. We also touched on the 2016 NBA Finals, the Copa America and European Championship soccer tournaments, and the drama between Ciara, Russell Wilson, and rapper Future. Tune in and share. Please send song suggestions to Aplusashley on Twitter.

The lovely Aplusashley lives ‘all the way up’ to her name; leading Jay and PictureMane through some fun, meaningful convo. Enjoy!


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Comedy: “She Tryna Sex” (Video)

So fellas have you ever been chilling with a lady and it looks like she is giving the signal to get the bedroom gymnastics going on but you were completely wrong?  Well I think we have all had one such encounter and the guys over at Dormtainment TV bring this to life with a funny skit to have you laughing. Adding some spice and eye candy to the video Laila Odom guest stars as the honey giving off the sexy signals.  Dormtainment does a great job of using current pop culture references that you definitely can identify with.  .

When the signals get crossed, the script gets flipped.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Awkward! Jimmy Fallon And Aziz Ansari Read Some Of The Worst First Texts Ever Sent (Video)

Aziz Ansari is already dead funny, but put him on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon; and best believe some laugh-out-loud moments are about to happen. Aziz was on talking about research he did for his book of insights about online dating. Great show, but check out this particularly funny bit that features Jimmy and Aziz ‘analyzing’ some text fails de amore.

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Male & Female Relationships: “Does Size Matter” on Odell’s RoundTable [Podcast+Recap Video]

The Round Table is back with another episode for you to check out.  The topic of discussion is “Does Size Matter” of course there is an obvious thought when that phrase is said.  The discussion goes much further than just the sexual connotation including size of someone’s bank account weight size and more.  Moderated by host Odell joined by co-host Dre Day & guests Lady Godiva, Ali Rai, Lady T, and Sheriff Quick sure you will enjoy the discussion.  So listen, comment on SoundClud page and share with others.  Stay connected email the show ortshow@gmail and follow on Twitter @ORTSHOW

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Eye Candy: Zoë Kravitz Gives Tips On How To Date Her (Video)

Well damn! This is definitely one delicious Honey right here. Zoë Kravitz, daughter to accomplished musician Lenny Kravitz and actress and all-around-sexy Lisa Bonet. She was born to be a genetic wonder and national treasure. Hear she might be dating Yasiin Bey, but she won’t confirm that…yet. So, if you are going to step up, do it NOW! While doing a HOT two-piece shoot for GQ Magazine, she hints at the things she likes when she is approached by a potential. Whether true or just her gaming, it’ll make you tingle to see her in this clip sultrily laying and saying it.

Ah! See the Instagram? Of course, it has a shot with Zoë and Yasiin together on there; but there’s one of her hugged up with A$AP Rocky, too. You know she ought to know something about good music. Apparently, she appreciates rubbing an elbow with real Hip-Hoppers out here. There’s your in. Gooooo!


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Comedy: A Few Clear Signs That A Woman Is NOT ‘Dateable’ (Video)

If you are on a date with a lady and she pulls out a selfie stick to capture the moment for social media she probably isn’t dateable.  The good people over at Your Black World Films, a division of the site YourBlackWorld, created this humorous video.  Trust me you will chuckle as they present different types of ladies that are just undateable!  Watch and ask yourself if you have been on a date with one of these ladies?

ArtByOdell   SoundCloud

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Can A Woman Ask A Guy Out? Well… Let’s Ask Some Women (Video)

“If you want your man, go get your man!”

Ladies. Speak up. Stop being shy. If you are interested, your “signals” better be strong. Touching him? Laughing at his jokes? Lingering stares? Flirty hints? Whatever. Better do something so we can connect out here. Help us help you help… us… get together on some me-and-you ‘ish babeeeee *wink*

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Comedy: What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women (Video)

A lot of times I find myself laughing at comedy that hits home in some way. Watch this vid. To be clear what these dudes are doing is ridiculous…BUT… I have literally watched women end up falling into my brothers’ and cousins’ arms when they approached with some similar silliness. Hahaaa, I remember when one was at the student union building on campus with me back in the day; and he said aloud, “Hey girl, lemme holler atcha. YAAAAUUURRRGGGGHHH!”

She… um… she responded well to that witty approach.

So, I’m laughing, and winking; and enjoying. Poking fun at the men folk. Watch and chuckle up.


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