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Method Man x DMX x Joey Bada$$ – “Cold Place” feat. Scarface (Video)


Straight-forward beat, and lay straight-forward lyrics from some straight lions, and you get a nice FIRE going. Good look for Joey Bad holding it down with these Golden Era greats – DMX, Meth, and Facemob.


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Swizz Beatz x Rick Ross x DMX – “Just In Case”

Okay. A collabo with Rick Ross and DMX will get clicks and listens on sight. But this is DOPE beyond that. And of course, the result is an anthem!

The DMX comeback kicks off with a Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz collaboration.

In March, studio footage of DMX, Swizz Beatz, and Rick Ross surfaced, leaving fans excited at the prospect at a focused comeback from the beloved Dark Man. In a clip still available on Swizzy’s IG, the producer can be seen vibing in a packed studio, complete with Godfather Of Harlem star Forest Whittaker on hand.

– Real Hip-Hop


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DMX Breaks Down His Most Iconic Tracks (Video)

I’m angry all the time… I got a lot to be grateful for… It’s kinda who I am…

Great idea to have a studio bus right on the movie-making lot for DMX. Joel Silver gets a check mark in the genius column for that move. Got some bangers for the movie soundtrack that way.

Rap legend DMX breaks down his most iconic tracks, including ‘X Gon’ Give it to Ya,’ ‘Ruff Ryder’s Anthem,’ ‘What’s My Name?,’ ‘Party Up (Up in Here),’ and ‘Where the Hood At?’
– GQ


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DMX – “Blood Red” (Video)

Ah. I’m seeing the move DMX is using this go ’round. Slide to the studio. Put it down. Get the video done, but not on locations with casting and all the bullsh!t… Use the footage on deck already; dig in and get it in. Anybody eff’n with X doesn’t really need anymore convincing past the music, son. Exhibit next: this “Blood Red” jawn.




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DMX – “The Industry” (Video)

“The Industry” will break you down in a matter of time, if you don’t have a strong mind. And in it, mad n!ggas is full of sh!t and sucking mad d!ck. So sayeth X. RAW truth… straight from the Book Of Earl!


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Snoop Dogg – “Playa” feat. Method Man x DMX x Redman (Video)

Decent! Have y’all checked out this Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, DMX mash vid for the smash collab “Playa” yet? Go ‘head and do that now.


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Nas – “I Am…” (The Has-Lo Version) [Album]


Interesting. VERY! Has-Lo redoing the Nassir classic project “I Am”…bold move! It panned out though. Has-lo finally decided to share it with the world, literally, because this is a FREE download. Check out what Has-Lo has to say about this Version:

I was going through my hard drive and came across these. A few years ago I was working on a remix version of Nas’ “I Am”. I never completed it due to some technical issues. These rough mixes are all that’s left of the project. I figured it’d be pointless to sit on them. Maybe some of you will enjoy them. Some of these beats will be remade and used for other things, some will only exist here. Anyway, I hope you dig it.


Lyrical, Emotional, Spiritual And Real: The Best ‘Breakfast Club With DMX’ Ever! (Video)

Dope! DMX on The Breakfast Club mic is always an experience not to be missed! Watch as DMX discusses his recent health scare, his new music, gaining respect and appreciation for Drake, expecting his 15th child (damn!) and much, much more!

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DMX – “Still Scratching” feat. Styles P

Where your dog at? Right here… with new music, son! DMX drops this “Still Scratching” (featuring Styles P) off to feed the fiends world wide web wide.


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TMZ: DMX Screaming His Heart Out On A Slingshot Ride (Video)

“I ain’t gone front. I’m scared as sh!t.”

When a DMX hollers, and there’re no other rappers around, it definitely makes a sound. And great viral video. True, anything X does on camera is going viral nowadays; but this moment of humanity…looking fear dead in the face…conquering challenges at the height of… a carnival ride.

Hahaaa! This TMZ clip has made the rounds on the web. DMX having fun, meeting new folk (dude in the seat next to him with a reassuring, “It ain’t nuttin'”), and wildin’ out in general. Watch and chuckle.


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Classic Clips: Rare Throwback Footage of DMX & Elephant Man Performing In Jamaica (Video)

DMX going in at Fully Loaded in Jamaica back in 1998. While filming for the movie “Belly” he dropped in to do a little something at the island’s annual party. Elephant Man (performing as part of Scare Dem Crew) was there, too. Classic stuff.

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DMX Says ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ and Then… (Video)

Compelling television. Indeed.

Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons appears on OWN’s ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ to ‘do the work’ with the show’s host. Well, it started out that way. But where how it ended up going…man. I won’t spoil it, but wow, Iyanla Vanzant got up in X’s…face…and it was on! Watch. Just know that, like whenever you spotlight DMX, in this hour-long vid, X Gone Give It To Ya!

Seriously though, all said and done, #SupportDMX for real. This brother means too much to Hip-Hop and humanity. I hope for the best for X and his fam and his life.

(Bonus: Check out the DMX sit-down with Jet Magazine – sharing candid, uncut feelings on his show appearance – after the jump.)


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Eve Speaks On Moving On – Interracial Dating, New Music, Moving To London & More (Video)

Queen of Philly Eve is back on the scene (evidenced by a nice BET Cypher appearance) doing her thing. She stops through Hot 97 in NYC and chats with personality Angie Martinez on a range of topics… and she ducks NOTHING. Her thing with Stevie J… she was young. Her new home and new man, both European… and she loves them both. New album… it’s on the way (finally). This is good talk… real. Watch. Bonus: Got that Ruff Ryder BET Cypher featuring Eve for you after the jump!

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DMX & Machine Gun Kelly in the Studio In Arizona (Video)

Machine Gun Kelly flew to Phoenix to meet with his Idol DMX & work on track for upcoming album set to release next year through Bad Boy/Interscope.

DMX Talks with Dr. Drew (Video)

DMX talks about his family and raising his children with Dr. Drew on his daytime talk show. DMX performed later on the show so check out the video under the hood…
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DMX in the Studio with Dame Grease (Video)

THIS Episode of Chronicles of Dame Grease – Arizona Edition featuring DMX, Big Moeses & Dash. Beat Choosing process, The Making of Fright Night.

DMX – ‘Last Hope’ (Video)

DMX takes this old track and gives it new life.

Media Gasface: The Dean Brothers (Video)

“Meet the Dean Brothers, TD and Waah :
the first one fathered Swizz Beatz, and the second one the whole Ruff Ryders movement.

You know when people say Kool Herc is the roots to it all ?
That’s true for these guys too, only litteraly : the man was living in the apt under them back in the 70’s.

Ain’t that unexpected ? So is learning that the blueprint of DMX’s career was designed by Mount Vernon’s most notorious Overweight Lover, Heavy D.” -Gasface