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Ice Cube Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Video)

I’ll admit that I had not given much thought to stuff like this, mainstream Hollywood’s recognition of Ice Cube’s work, but it’s about time! Now, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer can point to his own star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. That’s cool. Very cool. Congrats, Cube!


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Boyz II Men Get Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Video)

It’s almost a tragedy how black radio & fans today don’t quite give Boyz II Men the props they deserve. Recently I was in a debate with a young lady about the significance of Boyz II Men, but she tried to tell me that Boyz II Men were wack. I just started to think of how bad radio has become today for someone to actually say out of their mouth that Boyz II Men were wack. What she failed to realize was that Boyz II Men carried on a tradition of great male R&B groups who kept it classy & who harmonized well. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Most R&B sucks today because there’s little to no love in it. Where are the great groups who can actually sing & harmonize acapella? What’s wrong to me is Boyz II Men just received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame & I feel there was almost little to no black press about this great honor that the group was awarded.