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Sean Paul and Chi Ching Ching Tasting And Teaching Jamaican Food & Culture To Horsepowar (Video)

‘First We Feast’ keeps coming up with good content. Of course, it is food-centered, so you know that will interest most humans. However, they really put work into the ‘human interest’ side of their series. This one on Jamaican Food, too.

Sean Paul is a dancehall icon and certified hit maker. But he’s also a ride-or-die obsessive when it comes to the food of his native Jamaica. Anxious to learn more about Jamaican curry goat, Horsepowar follows Sean and his latest Dutty Rock signee, Chi Ching Ching, to Glady’s Jerk Center in Brooklyn—a new-school home for Caribbean cuisine on Rogers Avenue. From a crash-course in patois, to a heated beef-patty taste test, Sean and Chi Ching school Horsepowar on all things Jamaican before diving into a couple heaping bowl of curry goat and oxtail. The Curry Shop heads to the Caribbean this week, and who better to breakdown the dos and don’ts than two generations of dancehall legends? Jeesam peas!
– First We Feast

They lost Horsepowar with the patois at first. She had to call a timeout on the chit-chat. Ha!


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Food/Travel: Jo Koy’s Filipino Foodie Course Looks Epicly Delicious (Video)

You didn’t think Action Bronson was the only rapper that was heavy into foodie-ism, did you? Actually, I kinda get it if you did… what with Bam Bam being the one we see most across that part of the blogosphere. But First We Feast just busted through that crusted wall!

Welcome to the Curry Shop: a new weekly series that explores one of the world’s most misunderstood comfort foods. From Japan to Jamaica to China to Vietnam, every culture has its own spin on a bowl of curry—and Indian-Canadian rapper Horsepowar is here to sample them all.

The first stop on Horsepowar’s quest is the Philippines. To help Horsepowar answer some of her burning curry questions, she’s teaming up with the hilarious Filipino comedian and food philosopher Jo Koy. At Maharlika in NYC, Jo drops some knowledge about Bicol Express—a spicy, coconut-based stew that bears a striking resemblance to some of the curries Horsepowar has sampled in her travels. But the feast doesn’t end there: From remixed chicken and waffles, to 7-Up–cured pork tenderloin, Jo and Horsepowar also explore the cultural roots of Filipino fusion before making a final verdict on Bicol Express. Is Bicol Express truly a curry? Is curry really just a stew? Find out the answers to these existential food queries on the series premiere of the Curry Shop.

– First We Feast


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