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Neil deGrasse Tyson Drops Science & Drips Hot Sauce On Some Wings (Video)

Tough talk from our personal astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. By ‘tough talk’ we mean it will be tough to talk with his mouth on FIRE (from all the HOT wings and HOT-HOT-HOT sauce)!

Star Talk host, Hayden Planetarium director, and astrophysicist extraordinaire Neil deGrasse Tyson has a brilliant knack for breaking down big scientific ideas to the masses. But can he keep his facts straight while battling the heat of Zombie Apocalypse and Mad Dog 357? Find out as NDT takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, tackling everything from Obama selfies to Kanye West lyrics along the way.
– Complex


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DJ CAVEM Moetavation – “I’m a Sunwarrior” (Prod. By Sticman) [Video]

You remember us talking about Ietef Vita aka DJ CAVEM on here, right? Well, the O.G. (Organic Gardener) is back with some more real talk… and granted, a bit of product promotion, in a dope visual presentation. Beautiful! In many ways. Just press play. You’ll see.

Produced by DJ CAVEM and Sticman of Dead Prez.


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Charles Oakley Can Stand The Heat, So He Is In The Kitchen (Video)

Peep game… Soon enough, Charles Oakley is gonna be ‘holding court’ in the kitchen! And it’s looking like opponents won’t wanna mess with him there either. Haaa!

No ‘rough stuff’ per se. And the above video is just a rough cut for an old trailer that hints at what is to come. Who new Oak – the former NBA bruiser baller turned courtside cusser – had such flair, debonair (shooting his shot at the Honey next to him) and skills with the whisk and grill? Oh, and in case you were wondering why Oakley would want to cook instead of hire someone for that…

A lot of people don’t like to cook it the way you asked. You have it on the menu, and you say you want it one way, but a lot of chefs do it the way they want to do it. They get it wrong. I’m not mad at them, but when you wait 20, 30 minutes and it’s not right, a lot of times that’s disrespectful to me. When I cook, 95% of the time I know my food is gonna come out great.
Charles Oakley

For now, the title of the series being pitched is “Oak In The Kitchen,” and scenes for a demo reel to show to networks were filmed over the summer at the New Jersey home of Golden Era emcee Masta Ace and his wife (Leschea). All that throwback flavor involved for a potential cooking show. Nice! Hope it ‘pans’ out (grrrroan).

(Shout to @SoulPhoodie for this story.)

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The World’s First Food Delivery Robot Is Now Making Deliveries In Washington DC (Video)

Hey people. This is happening. They got ‘Wall E’ from the movies (well, it looks like it…anyway) delivering your food now. Get your hoagies & chips, you gyros or whatever brought to you by a robot. Convenience encapsulated in mobile tech form. Rolling your order right on over at a [relatively] speedy 4 miles per hour, programmed not to run into stuff and to arrive safe & secure (like “they’ll email you a code to unlock the delivery case when it arrives” secure) for you to enjoy.

Starship Technology (maker of the deilivery bot) has partnered with Postmates (online ordering company) to make this all happen. Starship says this whole thing is still in its infancy, but this baby is a live baby, baby.

The news story is embedded above. Footage of the robot at work appears after the jump.

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The Birth of Saké (Documentary)

The award-winning documentary “The Birth of Saké” balances the physical labors of saké-making with the brewery workers’ personal stories and private sacrifices.

Incredible! This documentary is about a tradition, an art, craftsmanship, a lifestyle, a family business, a journey of self-discovery and appreciation and so much more brought to us by Japanese-American documentarian Erik Shirai. Turns out that Saké is waaaay more than fancy rice wine. The story’s telling – in “The Birth of Saké” – does involve a lot of cups of it though. The best!

In Japan, it’s such a normal thing to be an artisan, to dedicate your entire life to one craft and to be really good at it, so much so that Japanese people don’t find it interesting. But I was able to understand the culture, but also see it from a different perspective and really appreciate it. Hanging out [at the Tedorigawa brewery] for such a long period of time helped me realize that the Japanese culture is very embedded in who I am, in my aesthetics, my values, and how I see the world.- Erik Shirai

Check out the trailer above. Catch it on Netflix. More on the documentary at NBC News online.


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The World’s Most Expensive Cheese… Is Made From WHAT???!! (Video)

$500 a pound? How did 2 Chainz not try this as The Most Expensivest cheese? But the $500 tag…not the standout fact about this cheese. It’s what it’s made of: not goat or cow milk. Naaah, son. DONKEY milk!

At the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve in Serbia, Slobodan Simić creates the world’s most expensive cheese with milk from his herd of donkeys. Donkeys only produce a tiny amount of milk, so that—coupled with the fact that Slobodan is the only one with the recipe—means that his cheese goes for around $500 dollars per pound.

So… ASS cheese. Is that’s what’s hot in these streets? When you get your paper way up, you can have donkey cheese on that expensive ass burger. Ha!!


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Surprising Origins Of Six Awesome Foods (Video)

Lobster, nachos, dipping dots and more awesome food origin stories. It’s like how they do background stories for comic book heroes, but for food. No less interesting, though…promise!


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Prodigy Shares And Shows How He Cooks BBQ Salmon (Video)

Verrrry interesting. A recipe demo for the Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook that Prodigy is pushing. While marketing execs might call this Merch 101, don’t you still want to try this fish? Plus: Knowledge dropped about his sickle cell disease, and how he adapted his diet while locked up (talked about that situation, too) to help him stay healthy.

First things first: You always wash your hands first!


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In The Kitchen: Artists At Work (Video)

Most would agree that folks who master food excel in an art form that we can all appreciate. One that makes us go, “Wow!” Especially the dudes who risk getting slammed with a mallet every second making delicious chewy treats. Watch all this though. A FEAST for the eyes!

Diverse routes, same destination — these craftspeople are killin’ it in the kitchen from every angle. From barbecue in Compton to mochi in Japan, it’s cook hard, eat hard.


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College Football Field Transforms Into Tuition-Paying Farm (Video)

Now, I’ll holler at any TV screen showing a college football field being put to good use. Before now, I thought that that was filling the field with high-powered, pounding offense and aggressive defense, with all the scores and collisions that come along with those. Gotta admit though. This…pretty good idea. Greens will grow, just like grass did. If you’re not pushing a sled down that field, dig it up and push a plow up it. Sow and harvest. Address the nearby food dessert (where residents have very limited access to fresh produce) AND fund higher education to boot.

Awesome. Simply awesome.


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Best Pizza: Serving Chicago Style In Brooklyn (Video)

Frank Pinello travels the world eating great pizza and meeting the chefs who make it on MUNCHIES’ digital series The Pizza Show. On this episode of Daily VICE, Pinello takes us to his Brooklyn restaurant Best Pizza to show us how to whip up a classic deep-dish pie inspired by the late Chicago pizza legend Burt Katz.

(That is looking hella good. Gotta go find some dinner!)

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Pizza In A Box Made Of Pizza (Video)

It’s 40 bucks. Sure. But it’s pizzeria pizza served in a pizza box. Like an edible box made of pizza! Fat kid fantasy fulfilled. Just what I wanted and I didn’t even know I wanted it…until now! Enjoy.

(Can’t believe how many times they said, “You can eat the box.” Baahahaha!)


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Eddie Huang aka The Human Panda Talks About Identity And Chews The Pork Fat With Stephen Colbert (Video)

Good stuff. We knew Eddie when he was “Fresh Off The Boat” with VICE. Now, he’s with ABC… still “Fresh…” But he has not forgotten where he came from – Taiwan or online – and he is going back (to VICELAND with a new show, “Huang’s World”). Watch Eddie talking with Stephen Colbert above and after the jump about all kinds of stuff – like them delicious-looking pork buns.

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C-Rayz Walz – “Love Money” (Prod. By LoopWhole Beats) [Video]

This is edutainment! Knowledge being dropped: In any ‘hood, your health is your wealth. Invest in yourself by eating well. C-Rayz Walz didn’t even spend $10 to feed the seed and himself royally with good food! Click above and watch him chef it up in the kitchen, then serve up that “Love Money” video.

In this segment of #ÑDontStop we are back in The Bronx and we link up with legendary MC C-Rayz Walz, who shows us how to cook a healthy meal on a hood budget. We also have the premiere of his video – “Love Money” – on #RooftopLive

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Action Bronson In The Kitchen On The Wendy Williams Show (Video)

Remember that poke bowl Action Bronson did up on F#ck That’s Delicious (The Hawaii Edition)? Well, he’s going syndicated TV with that on Wendy Williams. Chef Bam Bam doing promo big for his upcoming season for VICE.

Action Bronson tells us about his new show, “F*ck, That’s Delicious” and shows us how to make Tuna Poke.

Great clip. Take a look.

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Action Bronson With Food and Fun From The Festival In Jamaica (Video)

Well, well, if it isn’t ol’ Bam Bam at the Nyam Jam Festival in Jamaica. And what’s cooking chef? Whatever it is… We’re sure to say, “F#ck, That’s Delicious!”

As Action Bronson’s presence in the “Food World” becomes more permanent, new and diverse opportunities are popping up for the self proclaimed Human Highlight Reel. This time it popped up in the most beautiful location possible, Goldeneye Resort in Oracabessa, Jamaica. The event was entitled Nyam Jam, and even before Action knew exactly what it was, he agreed to attend. As stated in the video, there was not a single bad bite of food, and if you love hot sauces and various pepper spreads, then you really couldn’t do much better. Mr. Bronson honed in on a calabasa slaw prepared by visiting Puerto Rican chef, Jose Enrique and a smoked chicken sandwich from Jamaican grill master, Gariel Ferguson. His experience at Nyam Jam inspired him so much, that upon his arrival back in New York, he immediately got cow foot stew and ate in the parking lot of Home Depot. One love.

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How To Cook Egg In Potato (Video)

Okay, this is survival people! You never know when you could be out in the cold winter. Freezing. Starving. With a potato and an egg. And a knife and spoon… with fire making materials. What would YOU do to survive? Don’t know? Don’t worry. That’s where Russian Survivalist has you covered!

The Russian Survivalist shows you how to cook an egg in a potato. This is an essential wilderness survival skill for cooking eggs. Enjoy.

See how easy it is (above) to cook up an egg in a mere 45 minutes. And doesn’t it look… er… delicious?

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Jadakiss Talks About His Juice Bar Business Moves, ‘T5DOA’ And More (Video)

Jada and SP are most definitely doing the biz with their juices. “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” is moving, album from one of the best rappers with dope features and producers. What could be up next? Watch the interview with Rolling Stone ‘Off The Clock’ (above).

Watch Jadakiss talk his hometown juice bar, balancing rapping with parenting and his new album.

Voiceover work. Of course! Why didn’t we think of that? #SoRaspy

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FullyRawKristina: “Eating Healthy During the Holidays” [Video]

The Holidays are upon us and a big component of most holidays is the feasting that takes place.  Big meals second plates, leftovers that get snacked on throughout the day.  With Black Friday going into Christmas a lot of shopping will take place people purchasing high end items.  The fact is your health is something that is priceless and should be taken very serious.  FullyRawKristina is a vegan who promotes health, fitness, and eating real foods.  I enjoy her videos and social media where she gives healthy alternatives.  Now I am not expecting everyone to turn full vegan for the holidays but you can take some tips to help you eat better.  The fact is in the U.S. there are many more unhealthy choices than healthy ones.  So Kristina is challenging you to just eat one fully raw meal a day.  Worth giving a try recently I started juicing and eating one raw meal a day.  I can feel the difference so watch her fun video and hopefully it helps inspire you to make some healthy choices this Hoilday season.  Visit her site for more tips, recipes, and details!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Travel: Action Bronson Hits Hawaii And Brings Us Deliciousness (Video)

Above: Action Bronson is back with more fun and food porn in the latest episode of F#ck That’s Delicious. Wow. Bam Bam took it to Hawaii – making poke (say it like POH-KAY, a fish and rice dish), a fav of his and Alchemist’s. Hey, put on a napkin and pull chair up close… and dig in!

(Haaaaa! He is CLOWNING to that Phil & Phil “Easy Lover” in there later.)

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