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Nardwuar Interviews Cardi B (Video)

That’s right: Nardwuar interviewing Cardi B at Coachella! Not gonna spoil any of this. Watch!

(I would not have believed it either… but it happened!)


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Nardwuar Interviews Seth Rogen (Video)

Hahaaa! Dope azz dope-head Seth Rogen. Great interview, with (as always) awesome mindblowing gifts! For some reason that ‘Doggy Dogg World’ ending comes to mind… Talkin’ ’bout you Snoop. Taaaaalkin’ bout you Snoop… and Gang Starr and Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest… and more with The Human Serviette on the Internet – Canada’s own Nardwuar.

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Nardwuar Has Aziz Ansari On For His Favorite Interview Ever! (Video)

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, earns another title. Comedian/actor Aziz Ansari’s favorite interview ever! Oh sure, Nard does the usual interview bits -  gifts and trinkets and off-the-wall questions tied to Aziz’s past – to throw him off balance and eventually bring him back into what becomes a calm yet comfortably quirky chat.

Nardwuar interviews Aziz Ansari at Oddball Comedy Fest in Auburn, WA USA

His brother meeting Master P, his demands of the South Carolina government for its famous citizens, Q-Bert swag… blows Ansari away. Us, too.

(Comedian Hannibal Burress set this interview up? Funny dude. Cool.)

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