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Nardwuar Interviews Seth Rogen (Video)

Hahaaa! Dope azz dope-head Seth Rogen. Great interview, with (as always) awesome mindblowing gifts! For some reason that ‘Doggy Dogg World’ ending comes to mind… Talkin’ ’bout you Snoop. Taaaaalkin’ bout you Snoop… and Gang Starr and Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest… and more with The Human Serviette on the Internet – Canada’s own Nardwuar.

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Nardwuar Interviews The Legendary James Brown (Video)

Nardwuar interviews might include a gift of some James Brown work to an interviewee, but not the James Brown, right? No way. Waaay dude. Way true! Before he left this level of vibration, Soul Brother No. 1 sat down with our favorite Serviette. An interview like NONE ever done by Nard before and a must watch!

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Nardwuar Talks Old School And Kung-Fu With The Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

Ahaaaaha! RZA and GZA may want to bury some of that stuff Nardwuar dug up on them, but hey…that’s what he does. Great interview. Plus Nard brought gifts, as always. Very cool conversation with the Wu crew. Thought you were just gonna come rock Vancouver and chill in the dressing room with crew and [eye] candy? Nah, Nardwuar is coming through. And before you know, he will have impressed you…with his knowledge and genuineness. That’s likely why artists either know him or warm up to him…and clown his fashion sense (ha).

(Tense in some spots. You MUST watch to the end. Will Nard get to wrap with his ‘doot doola doot doo’?)

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