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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 16 ‘Proper Lube’ On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Okay, okay. Been a minute since we came with the Vinyl Destination posts. Apologies all around to all appropriate parties. AND sooo… if you are a stickler for watching in order, we do a solid. Start by watching AFTER THE JUMP (start it from the bottom then come here).

So we come to day 3 of European jaunt for this Vinyl Destination episode. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the best in the biz, riding out in the world’s smallest minivan, to Annecy, France. Not always ‘deluxe accommodations’ but chilling. Cookies and chips. Then…to get it IN… Pop Plage!! Then off Belfast, Ireland. Then to London…whew, they’re working people! And before you ask, yes the title is indeed ‘Proper Lube’ and NO… not saying anymore about that here. Watch the vid.

“Community hand towels? I’m cool.”


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Dayne Jordan – “I Want It All” (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff) [Video]

Put your best foot forward, and put your next foot forward. If you take steps toward it, when ain’t no steps to warm up, that’s how you get toward it. Go for the goal, and you get rewarded.
Dayne Jordan

Super dopeness from Dayne Jordan (the artist formerly known as Dosage, now rapping under his government name) – a Philly born emcee whose steady grind and polish befits that of a rising star. Dig the GoPro cam shots (giving a first person view to the dawn of his day).

Relatively little is known about the up-and-coming artist thus far; but we do know he’s still rocking @THEREALDOSAGE on Twitter. He also makes no secret that super-producer and fellow Philadelphian DJ Jazzy Jeff is squarely in his corner as music-maker and mentor. Dayne doesn’t appear to be leaning on Jeff for career advancement though. The music videos, as is the case above, don’t feature Jeff (or anyone really; basically him going in). However, the latest Vinyl Destination videos (chronicling Jazzy Jeff’s travels, gigs and hijinks) do sport cameos of the rapper; as well as some of his music.


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