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GoPro Karma: Beach Day With The Walsh Family (Video)

Professional surfer Anthony Walsh takes his wife (Crystal) and their son (Damien) on a daycation; exploring their native Hawaii by air, by land and by water. And the GoPro HERO5® camera with the Karma stabilization system is there to “see” it all, so the Walsh family could view it later.

Oh… and so we can view it now!


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New GoPro Throwable Camera Lets You Capture High-Quality Aerial Footage (Video)

Wow. When the director calls out “throw” to camera 3… well, now the cameraperson will need some further clarification… Because GoPro, that’s why! Watch the clip above: You can aim, throw and shoot this GoPro (as many times as needed) to get the perfect aerial shot. Whyyyyy are we not filming touchdown receptions with a ‘football cam’ yet? Get on that GoPro. ASAP. And get Cam Newton to speak on it (Cam’s Aerial Cam, Air Cam Cam, ThrowPro…something more catchy).

Hey! What about a dodgeball cam?? Imagine commentating someone getting BLASTED in the face, huevos, guts, glutes or somewhere sensitive (yet hilarious) from the ‘incoming!’ point of view. Could be some fun tech! And you can invest in it via the link below.



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Kanye West – Live At The Wireless Festival 2014 (Video)

Turns out they did celebrate on the 4th of July in the UK this year… likely due to Kanye West being over there to rock at Finsbury Park, London. Some older and current jawns brought to the mass of worshippers gathered to watch Yeezus deliver his litany of hits at this year’s Wireless Festival. Nowadays, with all the mobile and camera tech folks bring, isn’t every festival ‘wireless’ (just saying)?

Bigger question: What was going on with the girl in the red dress near the beginning (above)? Did she pass out or something? Incredible show, and that was just the beginning. More crowd’s eye view footage after the jump.

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Animal Activist Kevin Richardson Gets Up Close & Personal With Several Wild Lions in South Africa (Video)

GoPro is some great tech that has captured some incredible feats. And we have put a few GoPro posts on here. But this. UNBELIEVABLE! Not even sure we should post this.

“They’re just so beautiful.”
Kevin Richardson

Of course, the GoPro Productions team stayed in the vehicle. But Kevin (aka ‘The Lion Whisperer’) just had to go out and meet his friends. If you happen to live near the South African (or any) savannah… DO NOT TRY THIS!!

(But if you haven’t already…play this!)

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Technology: DJI Innovations’ Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter (Video)

‘What makes our Phantom 2 Vision unique is its ability to stream live video down to your smartphone.’

Paul Pan, DJI Representative

And we could stop right there! Some of the coolest tech coming out. DJI Innovations put out a GPS-enabled Phantom quadcopter – the go-to aerial platform for the GoPro HERO actioncam – last year. Now, they got that Phantom 2 Vision coming… with improved battery life, a video-stabilizing platform and an included HD video camera that allows for first-person-view via a mobile device.

Eye-in-the-sky fun for anyone who gets one. Backyard sunbathers beware… hahaaa.

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Technology: Everyone Is A Sports Cameraman with GoPro Mini-Cams (Video)

GoPro is truly made the little camera that could… record everything from baby’s first step to Felix Baumgartner’s first step on his 24-mile dive from space! Initially developed and marketed as the go-to camcorder for surfers, bikers, skiers, and other action enthusiasts, GoPro cams are also being used by newlyweds (at the ceremony maaannn…get your mind out that gutter), teachers, researchers, and other non-thrill-seekers; you know…regular folks. GoPro cams can still shoot intense action even in regular folk circles though. On the job, firefighters use them for training, marine biologists use them for undersea research, and the Army uses them in assessing damage from roadside bombs.

GoPro cams are still pretty pricey ($400 each) for personal cameras; but maybe the price will come down as the company continues to target mainstream market segments. GoPro maker Woodman Labs’ founder Nicholas Woodman is definitely on a big push to make it so his pro-grade mini-cams”document more and more of our lives.”

“If this is a niche, it’s a very big one,” Woodman declares.

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