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Indonesian Teenagers Making Fast Cash In Illegal Motorcycle Races (Documentary)

This is insane! Man, things youth do, thinking they are immortal and invincible. Plus, there’s the money. Definitely a risk vs. reward thing to do; these high-speed illegal street races. Faster & furiouser. Watch!

Motorcycles rule the streets of Indonesia. By day, the bikes zip through Jakarta, ferrying residents to and from work—but by night, the roads give way to the underground world of illegal street racing. Kids as young as 12 compete in the high-speed sprints, where riders can make a small fortune off a single race. The rewards are great, but the risks are just as high: Flying down roads at breakneck speeds, one, small mistake can cost a “speed jockey” their life.

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ VICE Indonesia went inside Jakarta’s dangerous, high-stakes street racing scene. We met up with a 16-year-old rising star to hear how he got involved, talked to the cops cracking down on illegal drag racing, and checked out a sprint ourselves—watching as two teenagers faced off for more cash than most Indonesians make in a month.


Started watching this with that BDP joint “Love’s Gonna Getcha” in mind… kids like: “I make about a G a week. F**K school!”

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Surya Bonaly: The Only Female Skater To Ever Successfully Do A Backflip During Competition (Video)

The best figure skater always wins, unless she’s Surya Bonaly and you are landing a backflip during a competitive run. It is so dangerous, doing it is illegal; and judges heavily penalize competing skaters for doing it. Only four have, successfully; and Surya is the only female of those. Damn shame they only award the ‘dainty’ in such competition. Awarding athleticism is what allows the average sports fan to get into demure sports for more than the “ooh, look how pretty” factor. Thanks to Serena Williams, who is hella sexy AND a beast mode competitor, we can see past the stuffiness of tennis and be amazed at her athleticism. For gymnastics, guys can thank Dominique Dawes, Gabby Douglas and the like for making ogling athletes in barely-there-wear as they go for the gold something they can watch with their gals.

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