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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Most Inspiring Speech (Video)

I hate Plan B.

Wow. Governor Terminator aka Arnold Schwarzenegger gave an inspiring speech that ‘broke the internet’ and I almost missed it. Trust, it’s good. It will make you want to take the advice he gives with regard to the keys to success… WORK YOUR AZZ OFF!


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Rick Rubin Talks With Kendrick Lamar Talk About The Music-Making Process, Motivation And More (Video)

Looking back on our posts on the two, a simple math emerges… Rick Rubin = Engaging viewing experience. Kendrick Lamar = Compelling content worth watching. So, Rubin and K. Dot, you must NOT miss this.

When we introduced K.Dot to Double-R at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, conversational fireworks flew. Hit play, and come away inspired.
– GQ

Know how we dig up vintage footage featuring artists and commentary on them. This feels like we should be digging this up AGAIN in 20 years and showing it to another generation. Nearly an hour-strong of great talk. Check it out!

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Gary Vaynerchuk Gives His ‘Amplify Live Experience’ Keynote Address (2016) [Video]

Be self-aware. Know thyself. Then be that to make your way to the top! Don’t be that entrepreneur trying be something else or trying to sell what you have… that line about business coaches who have not made money in any business other than ‘being a business coach’…zing!

And that’s just the beginning (really starting at 3 minutes). This is over an hour strong of Gary, the whole Gary, and nothing but Gary Vaynerchuk. But of course, in expected Vaynerchuk fashion, the time is mostly spent in question & answer format. But still… this is the realest of real talk (with a LOT of f#cking cussing). Press play now.


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Actress Jennifer Lewis With Advice At The ‘Baggage Claim’ Premiere: Be In It To Win It! (Video)

Jennifer Lewis has always been ‘a talented muthaf*cka!’ She gives advice – a sermonette – to those gathered at the ‘Baggage Claim’ movie premiere. Whatever you do, whatever you need to do, you need to take a couple of minutes and WATCH THIS CLIP NOW!

‘Don’t let life drive you crazy. You drive that muthaf*cka. It’s YOURS!’

Love me some Jennifer Lewis. I do.


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Ray Lewis Gives Stanford Mens Basketball Team A ‘Pissed Off For Greatness’ Pep Talk (Video)

Ray Lewis made a surprise visit to the Stanford Men’s basketball team before their NIT matchup on Tuesday. After hearing this “Pissed Off For Greatness” speech from Ray Lewis the Stanford Cardinals went out and defeated UMass 74-64. I’m not surprised……Ray Lewis peps talks to his team before games can get someone hyped to do damn near anything. It’s one of the reasons the Baltimore Ravens have been so competitive as an NFL franchise. Shieeeeeeeeeeet….after watching this speech I’m doing pushups right now…..


Steve Jobs Vision Of The World (Video)

I’ve heard some people tell me before when am I gonna grow up & get married & all this other sort of crap. I’ve been fortunate to have set foot on every continent, but I still haven’t seen most of the world. I have several more to goals to accomplish. I don’t believe I fit into anyone else’s particular box. This short 48 second clip of Steve Jobs is just what I needed today…. Pay attention. I don’t believe they’ll be another 48 seconds of commentary more inspiring.