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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Well, Watch And Learn! (Video)

Now, pay attention… This is some serious personal finance!

How difficult is it to become a millionaire? It’s probably not as hard as you might think, if you plan ahead. Author of “Smart Couples Finish Rich,” David Bach, came up with a chart showing how much money people at different ages should set aside each day in order to save a million dollars at the age of 65.
– Tech Insider

Maybe another takeaway from this: The earlier in life you start the better. So, again, we see that time is a most valuable commodity. If only I had more time (perhaps I could have more millions).


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Gary Vaynerchuk Gives His ‘Amplify Live Experience’ Keynote Address (2016) [Video]

Be self-aware. Know thyself. Then be that to make your way to the top! Don’t be that entrepreneur trying be something else or trying to sell what you have… that line about business coaches who have not made money in any business other than ‘being a business coach’…zing!

And that’s just the beginning (really starting at 3 minutes). This is over an hour strong of Gary, the whole Gary, and nothing but Gary Vaynerchuk. But of course, in expected Vaynerchuk fashion, the time is mostly spent in question & answer format. But still… this is the realest of real talk (with a LOT of f#cking cussing). Press play now.


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Good Vibes Only Podcast | Love & Basketball: Ep. 19 “Dating An Avid Sports Fan” (With JayForce & PictureMane)

Everywhere JayForce go, JayForce rep though! The appearance on this episode on this episode of the Good Vibes Only podcast is no different. He reps the brand, sure; but listen in as he reps for the guys, sports fanatics, guys that are sports fanatics…all that! But the angle for this show: Loving a sports fan. It’s a challenge (worthwhile though).

Sports fans need love too! On this episode, host AplusAshley sat down with Jayforce of and the Beats & Lyrics radio show and Itoro (PictureMane) of FansFavoriteFan, both certified sports junkies about the benefits and burdens of looking to score a sports nut. We also touched on the 2016 NBA Finals, the Copa America and European Championship soccer tournaments, and the drama between Ciara, Russell Wilson, and rapper Future. Tune in and share. Please send song suggestions to Aplusashley on Twitter.

The lovely Aplusashley lives ‘all the way up’ to her name; leading Jay and PictureMane through some fun, meaningful convo. Enjoy!


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Jayforce & ArtByOdell Discuss Propaganda & Give Tips to Artists on Channel Dynamic (Video)

Channel Dynamic a site based here in Atlanta, GA sat down with Jayforce & ArtByOdell of the Beatz & Lyrics Show during A3C 2014.  FBI & Jeff Blactracks of Channel Dynamic asked the two a myriad of questions about the music industry, how they got started in radio, and what advice to give artists.  ArtByOdell & Jayforce gave their opinions on modern day reality TV, propaganda & reminding artists they have to get out here and work to make it.

Check out Channel Dynamic site and YouTube page for more videos with Jayforce & ArtByOdell and a number of music professionals!

ArtByOdell  SoundCloud

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Killer Mike’s Advice (Video)

You could listen to your elders… or you could just catch Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for some sage life advice and coaching from ya’ man Killer Kill from Adamsville. Like most funny things… there’s some truth in here. Have fun watching Killer Mike speaking on it.

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Actress Jennifer Lewis With Advice At The ‘Baggage Claim’ Premiere: Be In It To Win It! (Video)

Jennifer Lewis has always been ‘a talented muthaf*cka!’ She gives advice – a sermonette – to those gathered at the ‘Baggage Claim’ movie premiere. Whatever you do, whatever you need to do, you need to take a couple of minutes and WATCH THIS CLIP NOW!

‘Don’t let life drive you crazy. You drive that muthaf*cka. It’s YOURS!’

Love me some Jennifer Lewis. I do.


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Game Speaks On Advice From Nas (Video)

Hip Hop these days is a bunch of popularity contests that revolve around who makes the most money, who’s bedding the flyest chicks, who has the most collabos, who can bring out who at shows, blah blah blah. More often than not it has nothing to do with the talent or with artists making good music. Game recently spoke on some great advice Nas gave to him about being a legendary performer in the business. The advice Nas gave to Game is definitely gold for anyone who wants longevity & who is truly interested in the ART of the music.