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Korean Girls Speak On Their Interracial Dating Experiences (Video)

Lily, Jungwon, and Jessica talk about the things that people who are dating Black men in Korea go through. Not totally what is expected; but then again, who would even expect such a topic to be recorded and shared online like this? Watch.

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VICE: The Florida Mandingos (Documentary) [NSFW]

Although swinging culture in Atlanta is something I’m told is growing I can readily admit it’s a lifestyle that’s not for me. The racial element to interracial swinging is also one that is not that easy for many to comprehend as well, but in this ‘Vice Guide To Sex’ documentary we ran across featuring a Florida man by the name of Art Hammer, he attempts put into perspective as to why any man would be comfortable with another man having sex with his wife & the racial elments of the lifestyle. VICE reporter Alex Miller covers all the kinky angles for this story for VBS.TV. Although this is a news piece some of the video & content, although blurred out, is still strong & graphic so therefore it may Not be Safe For Work.

“VICE follows Art on a road trip leading up to a ‘Hot Chocolate’ party he’s hosting at a purpose built sex bungalow called the Shangri Lust. Along the way we meet the key players who make up the lifestyle: the insatiable wives and their cuckolded white husbands obsessed with sex with black men, and Art’s A-team, the crème de la crème of [The Florida] Mandingos.”


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Dark Girls: White Men Discuss Their Attraction To Black Women (Video)

“You’re not more ethnic if you’re darker…” – Taken from OWN’s ‘Dark Girls’ Series Premiere

Does it take a White man to tell Black folk what we should have been saying to each other for decades? Perhaps so.

‘In Dark Girls, Hip-Hop author and journalist Soren Baker, a white man who’s married to an African-American woman, describes his early attraction to women of all races—and shares his father’s reaction. Plus, another man in an interracial relationship discusses his wife’s skin tone.’


‘Dark Girls’ premieres this Sunday, June 23, on OWN, at 10/9 PM CST. This ought to be good. Oprah might just have as many fellas watching this show on her network.

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