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Comedy: Hologram Steve Jobs Is Ressurrected To Introduce The iPhone 5 (Video)

No one can truly ever replace Steve Jobs & in this animated iPhone 5 parody we’re reminded of just how much his influence was in every aspect of the company despite Tim Cook being the new head of Apple. In the parody Steve Jobs is resurrected by like Hologram Tupac to let everyone know he’s still here. Yeah…Steve Jobs is still “teabaggin’ Bill Gates from beyond the grave”. Hilarious. Although some people like Apple’s competitors try to downplay the popularity of the new iPhone 5, a prankster in out in the Netherlands proved in the video below that some of those detractors may try ignore it yet they really do want one if given the opportunity.

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Technology: Sneak Preview of iPhone5? (Video)

There are a few videos circulating the Internet that briefly show what is alleged to be the iPhone5. Apparently still ‘in development,’ the model shown side-by-side in the clip above with the current iPhone displays a screen error near the end of the vignette. This video leak breaks the usual hush that surrounds Apple tech releases (if it is proven authentic) in the worst way; as Apple surely would not want a lackluster ‘preview’ (if any) floating around the ‘Net. Well, if the September 12 release date holds, we will know if the iPhone5 looks/functions in any way like this for sure very soon.

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Comedy: Apple iPhone 5 Promo (Video)

For the record I’m an avid fan of Apple products & the iPhone, but this comedic take on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 is hilarious! Although I’ve seen people diss Apple’s products (usually their competitors), the reality is their products are still far superior to everything else out there on the market. Apple also passed an insane record milestone of being the most valuable company of all-time with a value of over $600 Million Billion. As a corporation I do feel fair treatment of the Chinese workers at FoxConn who produce their products & affordability for consumers maybe be issues to seriously work on. Especially for those people who are truly “unhappy” because they are unable to afford an iPhone5. Shouts to the homie @djrastaroot on the hilarious clip…
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