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Crank Lucas – “The Evolution Of Story Telling” (1980-2019) [Video]

Remember, all these beats are available for lease… even the overdubs (from that “early” to “nerves” to “Momma I love you”)… Wonder if he’ll throw in a couple of brrr’s and skrr-skrr’s. Baaaaahaaa!

Here’s a look at how storytelling has evolved throughout the years of Hip-Hop.
Crank Lucas


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Crank Lucas – “Why I Can’t Engineer Rick Ross” (Video)

Ha! Why is Crank not sopping up all that Bawse sauce Rozay is drizzling into that mic? Doesn’t he want that knowledge? Just the raps, huh? Well, Ross can’t just do that. Bawse barz don’t come out that way.

As a huge fan of Rick Ross, I look forward to collabing, producing and working with him. And I also appreciate all the knowledge he drops and gems he gives out, but I could just see him dropping knowledge all throughout his studio session, prolonging the whole recording process. I ain’t gone lie I’d soak it all up either way lol
Crank Lucas

Aha! Thought so!


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Michael Jordan: The Greatest Cry (A Fake ’30 For 30′ Trailer)

Waaahahaaaa! The meme game is mean mane. By now you’ve seen, heard, or seen AND heard about the latest of many many Jordan-crying memes. Instead of us trying to answer the ‘which one?’ why not just watch… and LAUGH… at the ‘official’ trailer for it.

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Comedy: Mike Epps Gives Action Bronson ‘The Ghostface’ (Video)

Baaahahaaa! Okay, ‘Day-Day’ is stupid!

“…don’t ask for no more of my donuts…NONE OF THAT SH!T…You’re like a big red leprechaun…you ate my snacks, Action…you done f#cked up…”

Mike Epps lampooned the beef-with-Bronson video Ghostface Killah posted weeks ago (in response to off-handed remarks Action Bronson made during an ESPN guest appearance). That was awkward. This is hilarious!

(More silliness after the jump.)

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Comedy: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Parody (Video)

This is the most I’ve watched of that minstrel television show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I just flat out refuse to watch that garbage show, but I have to agree with The Roots’ Questlove who mentioned via his twitter page that it’s safe to assume this comedic spoof is what the show is really all about. Check out this comedic spoof of the TV show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta starring Miguel Nunez, Verne “Mini Me” Troyer, Lunell, Essence Atkins, Buck Wild, Reginald “Bra Man” Ballard & many more directed by Devin Hampton.
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Comedy: Hologram Steve Jobs Is Ressurrected To Introduce The iPhone 5 (Video)

No one can truly ever replace Steve Jobs & in this animated iPhone 5 parody we’re reminded of just how much his influence was in every aspect of the company despite Tim Cook being the new head of Apple. In the parody Steve Jobs is resurrected by like Hologram Tupac to let everyone know he’s still here. Yeah…Steve Jobs is still “teabaggin’ Bill Gates from beyond the grave”. Hilarious. Although some people like Apple’s competitors try to downplay the popularity of the new iPhone 5, a prankster in out in the Netherlands proved in the video below that some of those detractors may try ignore it yet they really do want one if given the opportunity.

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Comedy: Chris Rock Spits In A ‘SupaHotFiyah’ Rap Battle (Video)


Comedy: John Legend Performs ‘Extra-Ordinary Tebow’ on ESPN’s First Take (Video)

I watched this on ESPN’s First Take & laughed out loud. John Legend was a guest on ESPN’s First Take & did a Tim Tebow inspired song called “Extra-Ordinary Tebow”. Hahaaa! John Legend goes in on Skip Bayless while Stephen A. Smith watches….

Comedy: Affion Crockett Parodies Drake’s “Headlines” (Video)

Affion Crockett parodies Drake’s hit record “Headlines” with “HeadVines”…awww mannn! HILARIOUS!!!
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