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J. Keys – “Guilty” (Prod. By Cultural Bastards) [Video]


Shout to Gerald O for hipping me to this. Follow my bro on his show’s Twitter, IG, FB, all that. Even the website is ATLREMIX. Same name across all platforms – that’s the key. And I really feel this way, but today, it’s about more than dope handles and doper people… It’s about more KEYS! Like MORE music from J. Keys! You can bet money there’ll be at least one song of his on ATLREMIX every weekend. Maybe even this “Guilty” jawn, since the visuals are giving it even more life.

J. Keys drops the visual entitled “Guilty,” a scathing commentary on the American criminal justice system.

Produced by the Cultural Bastards, Keys said “They bodied it on the track, as soon I heard the sample I knew instantly what the song was going to be about.” For Keys it was only a matter of how to say it.

So, who’s hitting rewind a third time? Me! I am “Guilty” fam #BecauseBANGER


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J. Keys – “New Year New Day” (Video)

Well we made it to 2017 and let me say Happy New Year on behalf of the entire Jayforcedotcom team.  J. Keys would like to help you start off on the right foot in 2017 with his latest track New Year New Day.  He reminds you to not just wait for the end of the year to start thinking about change but apply it with each day you are blessed with.  The visuals definitely match the track showing him being active in many different locations.  So while you are nodding your head to the groove pay attention to the message in the music as well!

This year I’m thinking bigger than the money. I’m trying to get something that you cant take from me. Trying to stay clear of the haters & the dummies. Got you eating salad trying to get rid of your tummy. Man you don’t got to wait to lose weight it don’t cost a thing to have faith.

CLICK HERE TO Download “New Year, New Day” on iTunes



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DJ Yogi – “The Insomniac Show #2” (Mixtape)


Ah, dig the intro to this (meant to say that before)…Now, this great late night audio escape mixtape is different from “The Insomniac #2” (which we posted on here earlier). The homie DJ Yogi calls this one “The Insomniac SHOW #2”… a continuation of a series (hopefully) starting with “The Insomniac SHOW #1” (which we posted on here days ago). Pay attention. Keep up. And if you’re up late, cue this mixtape curate up; featuring work from Fetty Wap (yup, you’ll dig what Yogi dug), BoneBreaker Jones, Reek Da Villian, Talib Kweli, T.I., J. Keys & Robyn Hood, Phil Da Agony and more.
#MixTitlesMatter #FleetDJs



J. Keys – “Very Important People” (Prod. By Cultural Bastards)

Wooooo! J. Keys and Cultural Bastards win again with this “Very Important People” jawn. That nightlife lyricism over a banging big night show beat… instant classic! Press play above, enjoy, and go ‘head and grab that FREE download from the ‘Cloud via the link below.

On the HOT new single “Very Important People,” J. Keys takes it to the club… but not like you think!! Powered by pulsating drums, a hypnotic soul sample, rhythmic refrains, and years of club experience, Keys gives you his take on some of the various characters that make your local nightlife go round. With precision-crafted rhymes and bangin’ production courtesy of the Cultural Bastards, we get a small taste of J. Keys’ forthcoming project “The Drawing Board.”



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J. Keys – “Goodbye” feat. Robyn Hood (Prod. By Cultural Bastards)

Good and evil, the dope and the wack… they are opposites! Pick a side. J. Keys and Robyn Hood have lined up on the side of dopeness to let off a mega-shot at wackness in the form of this track. “Goodbye” to all wack emcees and all who are aligned with them.

It’s open season on everyone and everything wack. J. Keys and Robyn Hood team up to air it all out on the new high-powered joint “Goodbye”, backed by the soulful head-nodding production of the Cultural Bastards. This is a farewell anthem with skillful lyrics and delivery to prove that, despite its title, Keys and Robyn aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Be on the lookout for J. Keys’ forthcoming project entitled “The Drawing Board.”

Stream above. FREE download link below. This is Hip-Hop dammit! Breathe it in. Bask in it!!



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J.Keys Performs ‘Keymo Therapy’ LIVE @ Pianos in New York City (Video)

J.Keys, an emcee originally from Detroit who now hails in NYC, recently headlined the MLK SOULstice (MLK Tribute Show).  He performed the track “Blow The Dust Off “ from his Keymo Therapy album live at Pianos in New York City.  J.Keys is backed up by a band giving the crowd a soulful energetic performance.  If you were at’s Beatz & Lyrics Show 15-year anniversary showcase then you caught J.Keys rocking the stage in Atlanta.  Whether it’s NYC, ATL, Sydney Australia or South Africa (all places J.Keys has performed at) you can expect a quality performance!

ArtByOdell: Twitter / SoundCloud

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J. Keys – “Guilty”

We have seen a lot go on currently involving police murdering unarmed Black men.  It is unfortunate that we are experiencing these encounters even worse that the cops responsible are not being tried in court.  So will Artists speak out and make music talking about this issue?  Some have done this and one of our good friends J. Keys has done just that.  His latest track “Guilty” deals with this topic over a hard hitting beat produced by Cultural Bastards.


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J. Keys Recap: Performance at the 2014 A3C Festival (Video)

That’s alright right there, J. Keys! Perspectives from the A3C we just put in the books… and from our Beatz & Lyrics Show 15th Anniversary Concert (featuring J. Keys, Elzhi, Skyzoo, J-Live and more) during the Festival.

The 10th annual A3C took place over 5 days, between Wednesday, Oct 8th and Sunday, Oct 12th. A3C venues were centrally located throughout four closely connected, high traffic, cultural hubs in metro Atlanta: Downtown, Old 4th Ward, Little 5 Points and East Atlanta Village.

J. Keys took the stage for an impromptu performance on the A3C Main Stage during the Beatz & Lyrics Show 15th Anniversary show hosted by JayForce Friday, October 10, 2014.

Nice. Very nice. Salute! Y’all click and enjoy.

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J. Keys – “W.M.A.O.” (Workin’ My Ass Off)


‘You are now rocking with the midwest!’ J. Keys putting The Southfield (Michigan, USA) on his back… and on the map. More is coming, but you’re going to love dude’s latest release – “W.M.A.O.” (Workin’ My Ass Off). Infused with that Guru (RIP) type magic, this freestyle is a worthy follow-up to Keys’ first single “Invisible War.” Get a FREE listen and download here.


J. Keys – “Invisible War” (Video)

J. Keys with some Matrix-like visuals for “Invisible War” – the first drop off his “KeymoTherapy” Mixtape (coming soon). Will techie turn revolutionary now that he has that secret chip of classified information? Not spoiling for you though. Watch above.

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