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T.I. – “Jefe” feat. Meek Mill (Video)

‘Jefe’ in English means ‘Boss.’ You knew that, right? And once you found out that T.I. and Meek Mill hopped on a track together with a title like that, you knew they ‘bossed’ up on it, right?

Well, they did!

(Do matadors walk out to a bullfight to music? Because they should consider this joint for an entrance theme if they do. Banger!)



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Watch The Teaser For The Latest RZA Film, “Cut Throat City” (Trailer)

It’s cool that RZA can go Hollywood and not go ‘Hollywood’… Like his “The Man With The Iron Fists” this movie he has coming looks like something he would watch. Something we want to watch, too.

CUT THROAT CITY is the story of four boyhood friends in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward who return after Hurricane Katrina to find their homes decimated, no jobs, and no help from FEMA. Reluctantly turning to a local gangster for work, the friends are hired to pull off a daring heist in the heart of the city. But the job goes bad and they find themselves on the run, hunted by two idealistic detectives and a neighborhood warlord who thinks the friends stole the heist money. With their only way out to buy their way back, the friends decide to get what they need by turning the tables on the casinos that have taken from their city for years… by doing a little taking of their own.
– Well Go USA Entertainment

No way to miss the social commentary in this film. Check out the trailer.

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T.I. Meets With Students From The Atlanta Music Project And Prepares For His NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert (Video)

Has there ever been a behind-the-scenes type video put out for a Tiny Desk Concert? Well, there’s at least one now. Leave it to Tip Harris to do it big AND do it differently! Should be good.

T.I. rehearses for upcoming NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert performance at Crossover Studios with students from the Atlanta Music Project.
DJ Blak Magic

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Kanye West – “Ye vs. The People” feat. T.I.

Feel the ‘dragon energy’ people! Ha! Whether or not you do though, Kanye is going to have his say. Hear him out on “Ye vs. The People,” featuring T.I. as ‘the people.’


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Big K.R.I.T. – “Big Bank” feat. T.I. (Video)

Big K.R.I.T. has more and more hits for us. Hits “4Eva” as it were. This “Big Bank” (featuring T.I.), for example. Dope concepts, beat & lyrics, AND this visual.


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T.I. Is Not Really Impressed With The Bars He’s Rating (Video)

Wait. He ranked Iggy’s bars higher than WHOSE???? Okay, let that breathe. But besides that, it seems to take a lot (a WHOLE lot) to impress T.I. when it comes to lyricism. Downrating some of everyone from his artists to Tupac to himself. Wowwww!


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Model Bernice Burgos Says Her Relationship With T.I. Was Mainly ‘Business, Never Personal’ (Video)

Bernice Burgos, the model (not ‘video vixen’ because she does NOT like that title) who has been placed at the epicenter of the TITiny breakup quake, presented her case on the radio waves the other day. Kinda makes sense, since she is being tried in the court of public opinion for being a homewrecker for the most part. Speaking of ‘tried’… she spoke on (among lots of other things) her social media war with Tiny during the interview; claiming her online clap-backs were more self-defense than sucker punches.

I was shocked at myself, I’m very disappointed in what I did. Social media sometimes will put you in a place that you have to fight with people that you don’t know. I was listening to social media, so many lies, so many you this, you that, like wait a minute…
Bernice Burgos


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Lord Jamar Asks Why Is Funkmaster Flex Is Dissing 2Pac Now And Not Back Then When He Was Alive (Video)

Remembering… There was a BET interview – back, back in the day – where then Death Row CEO Suge Knight was getting out after a bid and was addressing people who had gotten brave and talked big talk about him while he was locked away. He coldly looked into the lens and said [pretty much], “Be bad enough to say it to my face when I’m in yours.” Well, on any ‘fly talk’ Funk Flex had to say about the late Tupac Shakur, Lord Jamar is making the same point; plainly, not cold but real talk. Right or wrong, why speak ill of 2Pac now that he is gone.

Funk Flex recently made waves in the hip-hop community with his comments about 2Pac, and Lord Jamar is in agreeance with T.I. and others that Flex shouldn’t be talking down on a dead person. Jamar went on to say that he doesn’t understand why Flex is coming out with this now and not when 2Pac was still alive, but he questions whether it had something to do with his money being messed up back in the day.

Later in the clip, Lord Jamar spoke about rumors he heard that 2Pac did shoot himself in Quad Studios the night that he was shot, but it was only because he kept his gun off of safety in case a situation arose. To hear more, watch the above clip.

DJ Vlad

And it is certainly fair if Flex rebuts that truth is truth, even after one has passed. And there is timing to consider… just watch. Lots to unpack.

(For perspective, check out the Flex and T.I. clips and snips regarding all this after the jump.)


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The Breaks (Series Trailer)

Niiiice! Somebody got their head on straight over at VH1 and greenlit “The Breaks” as a series to pick up right where the movie they made left off.

Get that steady check (again) Mack Wilds! Tip in there, too. Cool.



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T.I. Speaks On The Donald, The Family, ‘The Family Hustle’ And More (Video)

T.I. has always been a good interview; more so more recently. Frank talk with the right touches of swag… plus a word of the week! Learn something from listening to Tip talking about the possibilites for continuing ‘The Family Hustle’ (and NOT about the goings on with him and his wife Tiny), his socio-political activities and album, and more.


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DJ Yogi – “The Insomniac Show #2” (Mixtape)


Ah, dig the intro to this (meant to say that before)…Now, this great late night audio escape mixtape is different from “The Insomniac #2” (which we posted on here earlier). The homie DJ Yogi calls this one “The Insomniac SHOW #2”… a continuation of a series (hopefully) starting with “The Insomniac SHOW #1” (which we posted on here days ago). Pay attention. Keep up. And if you’re up late, cue this mixtape curate up; featuring work from Fetty Wap (yup, you’ll dig what Yogi dug), BoneBreaker Jones, Reek Da Villian, Talib Kweli, T.I., J. Keys & Robyn HoodPhil Da Agony and more.
#MixTitlesMatter #FleetDJs



Sleepless (Trailer)

Tell you what… this movie’s promo is gonna put Jamie Foxx front and center, but consider that this is another chance for T.I. to get his weight up on the big screen. Great trailer promising incredible action and intrigue. Plus, bank on some twists. Hope it does as well as it looks so far.

And messing with a man’s son… a supercop known to pop a glock… NOT a good idea… unless you are in the movie audience watching it!

(Hey, Gabrille Union. We see you in there.)


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T.I. – “Warzone” (Video)

T.I. went hard with the truth on this “Warzone”… giving everybody shots to the body – from brothers shooting one another to society on the whole – for allowing the deadly injustices happening to Black people in America to go unaddressed. Tidal got the exclusive webcast rights, so get down with them to see what T.I. needs us all to see – great music used to deliver a necessary message!

(Dig the “Mississippi Burning” lawyer approach used to make ‘all lives matter’ in this vid… getting viewers imagining if the victims of these killings were White.)


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Anderson .Paak x The Free Nationals – “Come Down” feat. T.I. (Live) [Video]

Jimmy Fallon welcomes Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals, who turn in an energetic performance of “Come Down” (featuring Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris) for The Tonight Show audience.


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T.I. “Dope” feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Prod. By Dr. Dre) [Video]

See the entire video exclusively on Tidal here.

T.I. is doing it MONSTER with a Dr. Dre beat to boot. Visuals have officially dropped for his “Dope” (featuring Marsha Ambrosius) video, and we got it for you above to peep. Lots of dope cameos, too.


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Roots (Official Trailer)

Looks as compelling as the original TV mega-series driven by author Alex Haley’s groundbreaking story. A man tracing his family back to its “Roots” in the Motherland. The trailer shows an ensemble cast giving us a real look at history in the raw. Make your plans around this program’s debut on Memorial Day, May 30th.

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T.I. Declares That His 10th Studio Album Will Be For His ‘Day 1’ Fans (Video)

Sometimes you gotta compromise on things – sometimes even your name – to get on in this game. Well, T.I. says he is returning to his essence… to get his r-e-s-P-e-c-t. Yeah, this album (“The Dime Trap”) will be for the fans he has had since he was T.I.P. back in the day! Above: Watch the interview snippet addressing that, his surprise EP “Da’ Nic” and more.

T.I. stopped by the Billboard studio in New York in September 2015 to discuss his surprise EP and upcoming album.

T.I. – DA’ NIC (EP)

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T.I. – “Broadcast Live” (Video)

T.I. lets go of the visual for “Broadcast Live,” off his EP “Da’ Nic” (out now).

T.I. – DA’ NIC (EP)

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T.I. Speaks On ATL 2, The Iggy Azealia Disaster, & His New Project (Video)

T.I. stopped by the Hot 97 Morning Show to talk about his superstar procrastination with regard to getting new music out, about his and Izzy Azaela’s situation, prospects regarding an “ATL” sequel, and more.

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T.I. – “Project Steps” (Video)

Brand new black & white video directed by Philly Fly Boy for T.I.’s latest single ‘Project Steps.’ Definitely diggin’ this song produced by Mars of the L.A. based production team & band “1500 or Nothin”. Detroit representer Trick Trick is among a few of the cameos that appear in this video which undoubtedly includes some of T.I.’s Hustle Gang crew. The song reminds me of one of my favorite Tupac classics called Pain.’   T.I. doing it for 2015 & of course the dream-like street clip was shot here in Atlanta.


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