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Bill Burr Speaks On Butt Models And Not Being Politically Correct (Video)

Bill Burr. I have followed him for a while. I know he can take it ‘there’ and beyond… Like he does in this interview. And I will admit to almost not posting this because Burr goes beyond. Then I saw a commenter note, “I really wish Patrice [O’Neal] was still around.”

Point made and taken. Patrice was right there with Bill on that ‘take it there’ (e.g. going super non-politically correct) level. And they both frequented Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central back in the day… Hilarious!

So here we go. Burr in an interview with his balls out.

(Not literally. That would be too far.)

– @ojones1

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VICE: The Jim Norton Show Welcomes Mike Tyson And UFC President Dana White [Video]

If you have heard, or are a fan of in any way, of comedian Jim Norton, you know that at his shows anything f**king goes! Aaannyything! WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO. There are things you DO NOT want to miss; the least of which are the debut episode’s guests.

On the first episode of ‘The Jim Norton Show,’ Jim sits down with boxing legend Mike Tyson and UFC President Dana White for a discussion that could never happen on a traditional talk show.

VICE is definitely the place for this type of vanguard, no holds barred programming. Provides comic relief in a way left way for the channel. Check out Part 1 of Episode 1 above. Part 2 is promised soon below.

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