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Bill Burr’s Tribute To Charlie Murphy (Audio)

Bill Burr is one of the realest comedians out here. And real funny! Let’s get a blessing of both sides of Burr as he shares a Charlie Murphy story in memory of the recently departed Chappelle Show comrade.

Bill Burr talks about the passing of his friend Charlie Murphy.

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DL Hughley Speaks On ESPN’s Sage Steele Firing, White Privilege, & Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Deeeeem! It’s cold out here for Sage Steele now that the ESPN door got slammed, esp. in the Hughley-verse.

More than that, in this short clip, DL went IN on the FoxNews x Bill O’Reilly situation in the right way… Hell, I remember having genuine HEAT for FoxNews’ ‘Papa Bear’ when he attacked Ludacris on his show (attempted character assassination); when Pepsi dumped Luda as a spokesperson (by the way, eff Pepsi for that.. I’m a Pepper)!


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CBS Sports Football Analyst & Former Executive Amy Trask Speaks On Former Raiders Owner Al Davis, Front Office Philosophies And More (Video)

Fix your offensive line first… Now that’s an exec (not an armchair QB, or some think-they-know-it-all) talking! Heed the words of Amy Trask. Because RAIDER NATION, and because she really makes sense. Of course, decades experience with the organization and Rich Eisen even having her on the show to talk about football, late owner Al Davis, various organizational strategies and more. Host Eisen plugs the book (“You Negotiate Like A Girl”), too, of course.

Fantastic discussion. Smart. You’ll feel informed and kind of part of the conversation. Watch.

(Watch her answer to Rich on the probability of a ‘Las Vegas’ Raiders though…)

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Civil Rights Activist And Icon Dr. Bernard LaFayette On ‘Love Ultra Radio’ (Live Interview Tonight)

I felt such a rush, and a potent mix, of emotions once Love Ultra Radio green-lit this interview event. This will be something of a fireside chat with Dr. Bernard LaFayette – a living legend, civil rights warrior, and Kingian scholar (who even today teaches the history and methods of activism and nonviolent protest made known in the States by those aligned with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). And shout out and respect to the bredren Jah Prince and super-producer Iman Lexington for throwing open the doors and welcoming Dr. Lafayette warmly.

Oh… and that hey-I-know-that-name feeling you are getting… that is because I recently mentioned his name in the opinion piece I posted a few weeks back about the Talledega College marching band playing President Trump’s inauguration (link that here).

Want to know what is so awesome, inspiring, and awe-inspiring? I did not really get to know Dr. LaFayette as the man who boldly walked with MLK Jr. and Jesus Christ since his youth. Nah, I got to know him as my high school principal back in Tuskegee, Alabama. I got to know him as the guy that cheered us on our sideline win, lose or lose badly. And as husband to my late Grandma’s longtime friend and across-the-street neighbor, Mrs. Kate (Bulls) LaFayette, who with my Aunt Tammie (Cottrell), helped me get this all set up for tonight.

Yep, and I got to know Dr. LaFayette as the Reverend who eulogized my beloved Grandma (another Tuskegee Legend) and presided over her home-going a couple of years back. Yeah. Doc took time from the never-ending work of uplifting and educating the people of the world, of ensuring that more and more of us learn to love and respect each other, to even fight for each other… without raising fists or firearms to do so… That man, came to sit with the family; share some memories and food; and wipe away a few tears.

Long enough story made only a bit longer: I am honored to know the man honored with the 2016 Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Reconciliation and Peace; and to know that he is NEVER to busy to talk to us… like he will tonight. I hope you will tune in to Love Ultra Radio tonight at 10pm EST to get to know him better, too. See the flyer above for details on the interview. And check out the linked article below for more info on the Doc.



Politics: Greg Palast Speaks On How Voter Suppression Sealed Donald Trump’s Victory (Video)

Wowww… Cross Checking. Damn, they stay scheming, right? Actually, voter suppression is only part of the problem with getting truly fair and open elections. A good chunk of the problem is STORY suppression! Why is this only being talked about on outlets like DemocracyNow and podcasters like Margaret Prescod? Wonder if even they would know to cover such without investigative reporter Greg Palast exposing these political underbelly scum tactics.

If you’re Black, you’re 900% more likely to have your vote disqualified than if you’re White.
Greg Palast

A must watch. The 15 minutes goes by fast. Feel free to watch twice to really get it.

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StarTalk: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Sits Down With GZA (Of Wu-Tang Clan)

I’m continually impressed that much of the GZA content we share on here places just as much a premium on high intellect and science as it does on skillz. Watch world-renown new school science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson talk with GZA; really getting into real-life love of science, being inspired by it, and how it can (and should) inspire others.


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Watch This Human Hotwing Bathe In 1,250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce (Video)

Wing NUT is more like it… You think folks who just get pepper-sprayed enjoyed it? And genius here is gonna bathe in peppers and pepper sauce??

Bwaaaahahaaa! And this dumb azz is hollering, “gimme a towel,” at the end. Ha! Somebody should have given him a “that’s what you get, stupid!” Well, I guess this will make a good audition vid for a new ‘Jackass’ show. MTV, you watching?

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Beanie Sigel Speaks On His Life In the Streets, Rocafella, & Moving Forward (Audio)

Beans said, “Everybody gangsta ’til a gansta come in the room.” That’s been said, but it sounds like new truth coming from B-Sig. Listen as he tells all facts to Tax…about coming up & remembering ‘the have-not’ times, about his early days in rhyme, The Roc, current and future moves and more.

Every time I step in the booth, I speak the truth. Today we bring you the Broad Street Bully himself, Beanie Sigel.

Beans & Black Thought (of The Roots) used to be teamed up? Wow!


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Pre-Recorded Message From Baton Rouge Police Shooter Gavin Long (Video)

Folks who rail against the #BlackLivesMatter movement have tried to tie it to Baton Rouge police shooter Gavin Long (aka Cosmo Setepenra). But… big BUT… watch the video above. Long declared that the protests and words were NOT enough for him. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a NONVIOLENT one. Do NOT let others rewrite the narrative. Agree or disagree with what he is saying, or what he did (and died doing), everyone MUST realize that his actions were NOT in keeping with anything #BlackLivesMatter has done or stood for.

Fearmongers might have you (or the police who will be present) believe differently. That’s DANGEROUS. They may well be inclined to spread propaganda that puts future demonstrators in danger. True, demonstrators may ‘break the law’… Drs. King, Abernathy, Lowery, Lafayette and others certainly broke the law of the land back in the day. The laws were unjust. They were CIVIL in their disobedience of the law. And, yet, they were beaten. Some who would stand with them lost their lives! Being civil, but still abused or worse.

So don’t think for one moment that folks seeing this Long video, recorded days before his shootout with police, won’t make a ‘leap’ and treat #BlackLivesMatter demonstrators like ‘terrorists’ (like they are already saying). Be careful. These are dangerous times for everyone.

(Goes without saying, but must be said: See what happens when folks are pushed too far? Bill Maher already alluded that he expected sh!t to hit the fan like in Baton Rouge and Dallas MUCH earlier.)


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MCM Podcast |Ep. 6 “Being Black in America”

Done and done! Thank you for the word brother. Relevant convo, especially for the trying times of today for our people.

I hate to say it… My Instagram feed has been looking like a slave movie.

Damn. Usually, the MCM podcast is on some other sh!t – funny, male-centered, NY-bred flavor – but this episode…whew! Though it started mostly light, the fellas had to give way to the seriousness of the #BlackLivesMatter themed discussion kicked up to next and next levels by guest Samm Wilson who declares:

I’ve had run-ins with a lot of cops who just didn’t see me as a regular citizen.

Well… THAT’S what up with your ‘All Lives Matter’ folks. Not to everyone. Listen up.


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Jay-Z – “Unreleased Westwood Freestyle” (2000)

I’ve heard heads mention from time to time that they wish they could get that Jigga from back in the day. Well, this isn’t way-way back; but how about turn-of-the-century back. Check out this Y2Jay-Z freestyle flow for Tim Westwood. Get a copy FREE via the download link below.



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Odell’s Round Table: “Real Life Vs Meeting Online” (Podcast)

You have Tinder, Match, E-Harmony and a host of other online dating sites.  Seems like people get more action with their iPhones than with actual talking.  This is discussed in depth on latest episode of Odell’s Round Table real life Vs. Online dating.  Odell is joined by his friend Joe-Jabs and they dive into talk of Generation X’ers how they differ from millennials .  How the nuances of human interaction and the butterflies you get when first meeting someone outweigh online conversation.  How do you feel about this topic interact with the show.  First make sure to Subscribe on iTunes comment and rate the show.  Next tweet Odell @artbyodell & the show @ORTshow send emails with comments & show ideas to

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Good Vibes Only Podcast | Love & Basketball: Ep. 19 “Dating An Avid Sports Fan” (With JayForce & PictureMane)

Everywhere JayForce go, JayForce rep though! The appearance on this episode on this episode of the Good Vibes Only podcast is no different. He reps the brand, sure; but listen in as he reps for the guys, sports fanatics, guys that are sports fanatics…all that! But the angle for this show: Loving a sports fan. It’s a challenge (worthwhile though).

Sports fans need love too! On this episode, host AplusAshley sat down with Jayforce of and the Beats & Lyrics radio show and Itoro (PictureMane) of FansFavoriteFan, both certified sports junkies about the benefits and burdens of looking to score a sports nut. We also touched on the 2016 NBA Finals, the Copa America and European Championship soccer tournaments, and the drama between Ciara, Russell Wilson, and rapper Future. Tune in and share. Please send song suggestions to Aplusashley on Twitter.

The lovely Aplusashley lives ‘all the way up’ to her name; leading Jay and PictureMane through some fun, meaningful convo. Enjoy!


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Interview With The Creators Of “Tuskegee Heirs” at AwesomeCon 2016 (Video)

Major COOL!

Full disclosure: The cameraman/interviewer, going by the ‘Big O’ moniker, is NOT me. However, I am kind of envious of him. Watch this Blerd Verse Podcast ep with the artists/creators of the comic concept “Tuskegee Heirs” at AwesomeCon 2016. Blerd Verse – as in Black Nerd Universe all smashed together. Get ready to geek out on these guys homage and futuristic reinterpretation approach to the story of the heirs of the World War II pilots, The Tuskegee Airmen.

(More disclosure: I’m from Tuskegee… so I am extra GEEKED about all of this!)



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Kid Cudi Talks With Paul Reubens About Meeting Each Other, Movie-Making And More (Video)

No…way. Kid Cudi knows Paul ‘Pee-Wee Herman’ Reubens like that???

Hip-Hop star, actor and longtime “Pee-Wee Herman” fan Kid Cudi is in conversation with Pee-Wee himself, Paul Reubens. The topics they talk about include how they first met, Reubens’ journey to bring Pee-Wee Herman back to the big screen, Cudi’s strong dislike of skunks (and recent encounter with a mountain lion).

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Odell’s Roundtable: “Props To the Purple One” (Podcast)

The Round Table is back and this is a special episode dedicated to the late great “Prince” Rogers Nelson.  Odell is joined by Alita, Tierra, Tia Trina, normal Round Table members.  Everyone shares their thoughts and feelings on the impact that Prince had in Music.  Kool Kila, Jayforce, and Rayford also share thoughts with Odell on not just Prince the singer but also how he challenged the record industry.  This episode is dedicated to the man behind the Minneapolis sound!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Welcome to All Def Digital (Teaser)

Take a deep breath and subscribe. Hilarious sketches, parodies, the best comedians on the come up. All Def Digital gives you a peek. It’s a jam-packed 3-minute promo clip; but by the end you are guaranteed to get ADD. The channel, not the… You understand!

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18 Countries, One ‘Ideal’ Image Of The Perfect Female Body (Video)

Interesting. And by interesting, I mean, somebody get me a plane to South Africa, or Spain or like, the Philippines!! Yes, a plane; not a ticket. I need to find these ‘models’ and bring ’em back with me on a private (wink) flight.


These women don’t exist? The ‘perfect’ woman doesn’t exist? MESSAGE!

Alright, in all seriousness, can someone get me the number of the original model? She’s cute and I’ll holler. You KNOW I will. She is thick like I like!

Oh, and that photoshop software. Get me some of that. I will SHOW you a ‘perfect woman’ (with much cakes, holding a stack of pancakes… hahahaaaaa)!


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Tall Black Guy – “Boiler Room London DJ Set”

Sunday easy listening grooving brought to you from Tall Black Guy on his Boiler Room London set. Lovely mix. Sounds like a nice crowd in attendance, too. Enjoy the music and vibes…and the FREE download.

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Odell’s Roundtable: Love, Sex, & “Cuffin’ Season” (Video)

On this episode of Odell’s RoundTable the topic is “Cuffing Season”.  It is getting colder and people are going out less and want to snuggle up with someone.  What goes in to cuffing season?  Is this really a scenario where you are only dating someone for a Season rather than a Reason?  Do you let the person you know that this is temporary and not to catch any feelings?  What about you do you catch feelings or what happens if someone tells you this was only temporary?  The panel consists of host Odell along with Alita, Brittany (from ATL Remix show) & guest BoxMann.  Funny but informative discussion like always on the Round Table.  Follow the show on Twitter/Instagram and email them at


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