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Honors English- “Crazay” (Produced by Needlz) [Video]

Lately I have noticed alot of people saying they cant find many good hip hop artists anymore. Well my reply has been stop waiting for someone to tell you who’s nice and start digging for some quality artists yourself or stop looking for top 40 radio stations to play some dope hip hop(sorry it wont happen).All that to say, there is alot of good hip hop out there, just got to look further than right under your nose. Case in point, the homie Honors English who has been working with artists like Lupe Fiasco and production beast Needlz. Here he drops some real creative visuals for his latest single “Crazay” off his upcoming album “State of the Art”. I have known this guy for a while and I watched him mold his craft like a technician before presenting his music to the world. This brother respects the art form and it reflects in his music. Be on the lookout for the album dropping February 22nd, it’s sure to be Crazay!!


LEP Bogus Boys – ‘Zombie Land’ Ft. Lupe Fiasco

This new joint from L.E.P. Bogus Boys is pretty dope. Hard record featuring Lupe Fiasco.


Lupe Fiasco Speaks On the Fall of Building 7 on 9/11 & more at the Occupy Wall Street Rally (Video)

“Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change was recently at the Occupy Wall Street event and noticed Lupe Fiasco hanging out with the crowd of protesters. Lupe wanted to know who Luke was and after talking for 20 minutes about the past work of We Are Change and our mission, Lupe gladly agreed to do the interview. Lupe gets into great detail about 911 truth, the new world order and most importantly solutions to the problems we face today. We thank Lupe for not only his words but positivity and knowledge he shares with millions of people through his music.”WeAreChange.ORG

Lupe Fiasco featuring Trey Songz – ‘Out Of My Head’ (Video)

This joint right here is an official club banger right now…..I’ve noticed people start bouncing to this joint at a few parties & events recently. Trey Songz on the hook is also a definitive good look as well. It seems kinda odd in a way that a socially conscious artist like Lupe who often gets pigeonholed by public perception now has an official club joint. Crazy right?

Lupe Tells Cee-Lo Why Nas Is The Greatest (Video)

Seems like we’ve been seeing Cee-Lo alot lately on the web….this time he’s interviewing Lupe for his show tomorrow night on Fuse TV at 11pm. Lupe mentions that he feels Nas is the greatest of all-time.

Lupe Fiasco Starts Working On His Next Album ‘Food & Liquor 2’

Lupe has taken a lot of heat lately but now says he has begun studio work on his next project Food & Liquor 2. Despite your take on Lupe’s politics or his crumby album Lasers, it was a commercial success. Lupe told Billboard that Food and Liquor 2 will build off what he didn’t like about Lasers.
“It’s really taking the lessons I learned from “Lasers,” and applying that to “Food & Liquor.” That’s really it.”

New Music: Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything

Deep record coming from Lupe…….Perfect for Black History Month & Beyond.  Lupe’s new album Lasers drops on March 8th.  Big day for music