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Comedy: Kevin Hart Pranks Trey Songz And A Friend As An Under Uber Driver (Video)

Just search ‘Kevin Hart‘ on here and you will have ’nuff proof of how Kevin uses a vehicle as a lethal comedic weapon: He KILLS in cars! You will die laughing when you see this one, too. Did one with Lyft. Now back doing an undercover prank, but for Uber. The victim passenger this time Trey Songz (and a very cute friend).

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R&B: Trey Songz – “Animal” (Video)

Thinking anything other than Trey Songz is on a roll and Tremaine The Album is gonna be a MONSTER… is plain ol’ hater talk! You just saw “Playboy” on here, now Songz is bringing out the “Animal” on y’all! Check out the video if you need proof, or if you like feasting your eyes on some thick Honey-coated Eye Candy!

Oh and the music’s pretty good, too.


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R&B: Trey Songz – “Playboy” (Video)

Oh the problems of the “Playboy” Trey Songz. It’s not his fault, ladies. The game won’t let him out. Poor Trey. I wonder if one, or several, or ALL of those lovelies at the table will ‘take care’ of their host 😉

“Tremaine The Album” is due out March 24th.


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The Game – “Do It To You” feat. Trey Songz

Inspiration to the broke n!ggas. Middle finger to the gold diggers.
Trey Songz

Now what could this rhymer-chimer duo be talking about with a title like “Do It To You” eh? Hint: Game and Trey are dropping VERY explicit lyrics; being clear about what they want (and it ain’t a loving, long-term relationship). That’s right. New music from one of the Left Coast’s realest. This is the Game getting ready to “Do It To You” (featuring Trey Songz). Good hint at what is going onto the three-CD Collector’s Edition of “The Documentary” (due out January 22, 2016).


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R&B: Kat DeLuna – “Bum Bum” feat. Trey Songz (Video)

Haaa! Listen. Did you catch that? She sampled Sister Nancy’s reggae classic “Bam Bam” in there. Dope!

And on top of that… she said you can get that “Bum Bum” every hour. Ohhhh wowwww! The level of sexy in this video is beyond compare. No doubt that Kat DeLuna’s “Bum Bum” is bang banging. So’s the song (featuring Trey Songz).

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B.O.B. – “Not For Long” feat. Trey Songz

Ha! B.O.B. and Trey Songz on some ol’ Biggie creep your girl from behind ish. Click the video, and don’t have your girl around if you want to keep her. ‘Cause she might be yours at the start of the vid, but “Not For Long.” Single off B.O.B.’s forthcoming album.

(Check out the behind the scenes look after the jump.)

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R&B: Trey Songz – “Na Na” (araabMUZIK Remix)

avatars-000062457532-3mcrsc-t500x500If you are a Trey Songz fan, you won’t need this remix to convince you. But whether you are a Trey or araabMUZIK fan… you’ll probably be checking for both after you hear how araabMUZIK aired out the track on this dope remix of “Na Na.”


The Amazing Jam Session Guys Rock ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With Trey Songz x Juicy J x Aloe Blacc (Video)

Wow! Remember coming across the ‘3 Random Dudes Jam Session’ vid that went viral a while ago? Yes/no? Well, apparently the viral went epidemic… enough to get the notice from Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show staff. And man, they put together something special. A dream come true for the artists and audience to be sure! Check it out.


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R&B: Trey Songz – “Foreign” (Video)

Trey Songz with a redux on the visuals for his jam “Foreign” (original concept video posted earlier here). Great googley-moogley there’s LOTS of Eye Candy in this video…too! Trigga’s LP is due out July 1, 2014 (available for pre-order now).


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Trey Songz Takes ‘Smartphones’ To Not So ‘Foreign’ Places (Video)

Next level! You and everyone you know has likely butt-dialed their smartphones. Sure. But when you can have several butts to dial with… now, you’re making a Trey Songz vid. Check out the “Smartphones” visuals above LOADED with premium international eye candy. Continuing on the international theme, check out a concept video for that “Foreign” after the jump. Trey’s new album “Trigga” is due out July 1, 2014; but you can pre-order at iTunes now.


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50 Cent – “Smoke” feat Trey Songz (Video)

Brand new video from 50 Cent featuring Trey Songz calledSmoke’ that he was talking about in the interview in the previous post with the Breakfast Club. Directed by 50’s go-to-guy on the visuals, Eif Rivera.

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R&B: Trey Songz – “Sensational”

BOLkIDACQAEnWP1.jpg-largeNo doubting Trey Songz talent for coming out with R&B heat. His latest exhibit – “Sensational” – drops just in time for some mid-summer nights’ enjoyment. You know… however, you ‘enjoy’ your summer nights.


Fabolous – “The Soul 2 Tape” (Mixtape)

Nice! Now you can stream the entire mixtape from Fabolous (the second in his “Soul Tape” series). J.Cole, Wale, Pusha T, Joe Budden, and more put in work on this one. Check “The Soul 2 Tape” out…FREE via link in an earlier post…here!


Love Ultra Mix CD by DJ Jah Prince

Love Ultra Mix CD 1 Front
As we start coming close to the 2nd year Anniversary of my R&B Radio show, I was finally ready to put out a series of mixes for my listeners. This is a thick slice of the variety of songs that I have actually MIXED on-air. For those who can’t stay up late, ‘Love Ultra’ is a Tuesday Night R&B, Soul, Urban show heard from 11:00pm to 1:00am and is syndicated in the streets of Gambia on Vibes FM 106.1. My Reggae/Dancehall fans will be surprised by this is the first of five (5) CDs that will cover my two years including artist interviews, cause WHEN I LOVE… I LOVE ULTRA!

Trey Songz – Top Of The World (Video)

This is one of my favorite songs off of Trey Songz new free mixtape/album “Anticipation 2” that he just dropped. The video didn’t quite fit the visual I had for the song, but I’m not mad that the brotha decided to take it back to his hometown of Petersburg Virginia. Dope song right here. Check out the artwork, tracklisting & you can download the full mixtape below after the jump….


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Ne-Yo – “The Way You Move” feat. T-Pain & Trey Songz (Video)

I’m really diggin’ the visual aspects of this new Ne-Yo joint. All too often we see videos of artists spending money in the strip clubs, but this joint right here has a certain level of “James Bond” type of class to it. This makes every “average rapper in the strip club throwing money video” appear like a visual hole in the wall. By the interior of the building it looks like they shot this video here in Atlanta at the new Diamonds which is one of the newer strip clubs among a hundred of them around city. The video makes me dig the song even more…

R&B: Trey Songz – “Find A Place”

Nice smooth joint from Trey Songz from his upcoming free R&B mixtape “Anticipation II” dropping on November 1st. I thoroughly enjoyed Trey Songz’s first “Anticipation” mixtape that he released for free two years ago & hopefully he’ll get back to that vibe that most of us early adopters grew to like from him. This song right here is a good start, but hopefully he’ll keep the profanity to a minimum & get on some real love based themes on the final product. Call me old school but I don’t want to hear too much cursing in my R&B joints…


Trey Songz – Top of the World

I’m diggin’ this joint right here from V.A’s finest Trey Songz. This sounds similar to the style that R&B artists like Toronto’s The Weeknd has been moving with, but Trey Songz has always shown he can adapt & flip any style for the most part. Supposedly this song will appear on his upcoming “Anticipation II” mixtape dropping November 1st.  The first “Anticipation” project he dropped in 2009 was so dope that I was surprised they let that go for free as a mixtape…


Lupe Fiasco featuring Trey Songz – ‘Out Of My Head’ (Video)

This joint right here is an official club banger right now…..I’ve noticed people start bouncing to this joint at a few parties & events recently. Trey Songz on the hook is also a definitive good look as well. It seems kinda odd in a way that a socially conscious artist like Lupe who often gets pigeonholed by public perception now has an official club joint. Crazy right?

New R&B: Trey Songz – ‘I Refuse’

This new song from Trey Songz called ‘I Refuse’ really caught my attention….I love it when Trey does that real R&B with less vulgarity in his music. He needs to keep bringing the quality joints like these with great songwriting & soundscapes instead of some of those over the top profanity laced joints. I think many people would agree with me that we like our R&B to sound like R&B & our Hip Hop to sound like Hip Hop.