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Maxo Kream – “Drizzy Draco” (Video)

Spark that pipe just like a fire. Now yo’ man’s a fire fighter.

“Brandon Banks” is full of that sh!t… that Maxo Kream sh!t talk… and somehow, I really don’t think you wanna find out how real he is. Just let it be; and let the hood be the hood.

This feels like a new slice or three of that Gangsta-Gangsta (if you’re out West and remember), that How-About-Some-Hardcore (if you got memories of the street beasts of the East), AND that Who-Else-Wanna-f**k-With-Hollywood-Court (if you f**k with us down here like that way back) cake. So, enjoy; like a new dessert made the old way; but in new pans!

“Drizzy Draco” is off that “Brandon Banks” (out now).



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Maxo Kream Speaks On His Coming Up & Becoming A Rapper (Video)

Hey, Maxo’s full name is a mouthful. And he’s laughing with Vlad when joking about how hard it is to pronounce… but then he pronounces it perfectly and starts speaking on how he got the name and how that led to the Maxo handle. Message: Your name MATTERS. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Okay, I’mma step off the soapbox and let y’all get on with the watching of Part 1 of 6 above (other parts after the jump). This is so you get familiar with Maxo before I share this new schooler’s music with you. I’m really trying to find the new ones that are doing it real, their way.

I’m old school. But I know that refusing to understand means refusing to grow. And everything that lives is either growing or dying… And I’m not dead yet!

One of H-Town’s realest. Not no ‘Soundcloud rapper’… Watch him tell his story to Vlad.


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