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Filmore Slim Speaks On How He Runs His Pimp Game Like No Other (Video)

Equal time, fair is fair… Vlad talks to Bishop Don Magic Juan… we need to her from another pimptastic guest. Study the game from all angles so to speak. So start above and continue after the jump to hear Filmore Slim speak on it.

That brother is 84 years young?? Wow!

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Danny Trejo Speaks On Mistakes Made In “American Me” & Saving Edward James Olmos’ Life (Video)

You’re not dealing with theatrical motherf**kers!

Wow. The weight of what Danny Trejo says, in general but specifically about the ill events surrounding the making/release of “American Me”… Just wow. You could ask a lot of folks if a movie was ‘real’ but you really ought to lean in and listen when Trejo answers that here.

Danny Trejo spoke to VladTV about the controversy caused by American Me and the Mexican Mafia being disrespected by the film. Trejo explained that he saved director Edward James Olmos’ life after he claims that a price was put on his head over the movie, adding that Olmos wouldn’t speak with him over the controversy. To hear more, including speaking with the Mexican Mafia heads over the incident, hit the above clip.
DJ Vlad

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Tray Deee Remembers Nipsey Hussle As Charitable & Courageous For Staying In His Hood And Doing Business (Video)

I saw a commenter on this YouTube clip state: “I hate speaking on Nipsey in past tense.” So do I, Curry Shot You. So do I.

Tray Deee spoke to VladTV about no other rapper giving back to their community like Nipsey Hussle. He explained that while Nipsey was small in stature, he had heart and stood for what he represented. Tray Deee added that Nipsey had a passion for his businesses and was able to take his love for his Crenshaw neighborhood and turn it into a brand.


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Michael Franzese Speaks On Everything From Joining The Mafia To Michael Jordan’s Gambling (Video)

Talk it, rap about it… gangsters and mafiosos… Well, here’s Vlad getting one to open up, on camera, in real life! And what he speaks on (and sort of ‘pleads the 5th’ on) is craaaazy! And we have ALL the interview clips released thus far. Start with Part 1 above and keep going after the jump. And keep an eye out for more on the ‘Tube: Vlad keeps dishing out these plates because he knows we’ll keep eating them up!

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DL Hughley Will Not Apologize For His Statements Regarding Terry Crews’ Abuse (Video)

[I] will not defer my vantage point, my viewpoint, to anybody… I believe what I believe. I’ll say what I say… It ain’t the first time a big dude wanted to beat the sh!t out of me ’cause I said something…

Okay then.

DL Hughley is on with Vlad again. But this time, Vlad brought the camera over to DL’s show set for the interview. Thoughtful rebuttal, especially given the time DL has had to mull things over. His stated views have not shifted, whether that wins him any new or returning fans; or Terry Crews favor.

In this clip, DL Hughley speaks on his previous VladTV interview going viral due to his statements on Terry Crews, were he laughed and made humor out of the actor getting fondled by his Hollywood agent. He says that he stands by his previous viewpoints and the right to his own opinion, while reaffirming that he would never let somebody violate him in the way Crews was allegedly abused. From there, he speaks to how he views the #MeToo movement as somewhat disingenuous, questioning why they care so much when a Black man gets fondled but not at all when he gets shot. With that said, Hughley makes it clear that he apologizes to nobody, though he’s open to more conversation even if he doesn’t have to agree.
DJ Vlad


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