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Kevin Garnett Makes Heroic Return To The Minnesota Timberwolves (Video)

Kevin Garnett started his NBA career as 19-year-old kid with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Unfortunately after 12 years he left the Timberwolves, eventually winning a championship with the Boston Celtics, but that didn’t stop fans T-wolves fans from welcoming back KG to the team he spent the majority of his career with. The energy was so high that even a shirt-less KG fan with ‘KG’ written on his chest was in full show out mode. Over the years KG has been one of my favorite players in the NBA & it’s going to be sad to see him leave the game. KG maybe near the end of his NBA career, but his leadership with Andre Wiggins & that young Timberwolves squad could surely leave an impact.

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Comedy: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans React To Kevin Love Leaving (Video)

Hahaaaa! Maybe call this clip ‘Minnesota Burning’ … without all the animosity or flames of the civil rights framed film (or of the first half of the Cleveland-Lebron saga). In fact, some might say…

Leaving is the most ‘Minnesota’ thing Kevin Love can do.
– Timberwolves Fan

Well… Good luck in Cleveland, Kevin. Say hi to King James. Come back anytime.

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