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Sports: 2 Chainz Shows Out On Kevin Garnett’s Home Court At Area 21 (Video)


Remember when 2 Chainz took on The Human Highlight Reel aka Dominique Wilkins? Well, go back to that post here… AFTER you watch what we have here above… because Titty Boi 2 Pointer is balling with the Big Leaguers again. And he is giving them enough to where the NBA’ers have to give him some talk back. Get ’em 2 Chainz. Rep the ATL well!

That tape – “Putting It On KG’s Azz” (pause) – is gonna be that fire (um, pause again, just in case). Hahahaaaa!

Bonus behind the scenes trash talk from the pro-ballers after the jump. A whole other thing. Really good though.

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Basketball & Beyond: Former NBA Standout Kevin Garnett Reflects On His Career And More (Video)

Two Kevins. Two all-stars. Two Beantown Ballers. Two warriors of the hardcourt… Now off the hardcourt, Boston Celtics legend ‘Stuntman’ Kevin McHale talks with the Celtics’ ‘Big Ticket’ Kevin Garnett about getting into basketball, what he is doing nowadays now that he is out of basketball, the hardest game he ever played, and so much more!

(Start above, and check out much more after the jump.)

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Kevin Garnett Makes Heroic Return To The Minnesota Timberwolves (Video)

Kevin Garnett started his NBA career as 19-year-old kid with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Unfortunately after 12 years he left the Timberwolves, eventually winning a championship with the Boston Celtics, but that didn’t stop fans T-wolves fans from welcoming back KG to the team he spent the majority of his career with. The energy was so high that even a shirt-less KG fan with ‘KG’ written on his chest was in full show out mode. Over the years KG has been one of my favorite players in the NBA & it’s going to be sad to see him leave the game. KG maybe near the end of his NBA career, but his leadership with Andre Wiggins & that young Timberwolves squad could surely leave an impact.

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Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett Makes History On St. Patricks Day (Video)

“History was made in Denver tonight as Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics became the first player in NBA History with 20,000+ points, 10,000+ rebounds, 5,000+ assists, 1,500+ blocks & 1,500+ steals for a career!” – NBA

Kevin Garnett’s Crazy Post Game ‘Bar Fight’ Interview (Video)

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett & his squad, minus Rajon Rondo & Ray Allen, won a wild game last night over the Orlando Magic after being down by 27 points. The boys in Beantown overcame the Orlando Magic 91-83 & “KG” was so amped up that by the time he got to Craig Sager for an interview he damn near started speaking in tongues about “Bar Fights” & even added that Charles Barkley knows about Bar Fights! Hahahaaaa! Hilarious!