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Sports: NBA To Crack Down On Verbally Abusive Fans (Video)

Okay. I’m for this. I mean, I would hear the old argument, “That’s what they get paid millions for… to put up with fans’ outbursts.” But I was ALSO a proponent of once your mouth ‘writes that check’ that 6’7″ brother you slurred should get to ‘cash you out court side’ (fines issued on a case-by-case basis, of course). I mean, hey, ALL speech is free… but no one is free from the consequences (just saying).

Nowadays, though, why don’t we just mandate some decorum on both sides. If you don’t think your seat was worth what you paid for it, don’t feel like you can “get your money’s worth” with hateful heckling. Nah, son. That day is done.

I especially like that even a ‘borrowed’ season ticket seat can be lost if the borrower acts out of pocket.

Only potentials issue I see: No ‘instant replay’ in the stands. A lifelong fan losing that season ticket seat for a ‘misheard statement’… well, taking that L would hurt a fan working for $50K a year way more than that athlete who earned $5MIL last year.

Let’s see how this plays out. Let those players play in [relative] peace from now on.


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Comedy: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans React To Kevin Love Leaving (Video)

Hahaaaa! Maybe call this clip ‘Minnesota Burning’ … without all the animosity or flames of the civil rights framed film (or of the first half of the Cleveland-Lebron saga). In fact, some might say…

Leaving is the most ‘Minnesota’ thing Kevin Love can do.
– Timberwolves Fan

Well… Good luck in Cleveland, Kevin. Say hi to King James. Come back anytime.

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ESPN: Miami Heat’s Relationship With Miami’s Music Scene (Video)

Some do indeed fly south, to join others already in South Beach, for the winter… for basketball Miami Heat season! ESPN put together a piece on music notables like Birdman and Weezy, Jimmy Buffett and others who come on down court side to catch the games. Lil Wayne is not necessarily a Miami Heat fan though to say the least.

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Sean Price Speaks On Fan Loyalty (Video)

Sean Price is enjoying life. He’s good. So’s his music. But here in this video, he’s just talking (mostly…hint) in this sit-down with Peter Rosenberg (of Hot 97 in NYC) on the Real Late radio show. Check out Price’s ‘unique’ take on fans, what he is a fan of, and more.
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