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Gang Starr – “Bad Name” feat. Redman x Method Man


Give whack rappers the bad news… Guru AND Redman AND Method Man are in the building. Reeeemix! Preem still on the tables though. Rap’s got a bad name?? Nah, we good over here with this one!


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Gang Starr – “Family And Loyalty” feat. J. Cole (Video)

So dope. Soooooooooooooo DOPE! The music and this video. In the best ways, it’s hard and shines like a freshly cut diamond #RIPGURU



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Gang Starr – “Family And Loyalty” feat. J. Cole

Too good to be true. But it is true. True school Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop that will never die! RIP Guru, and respek on the names Gang Starr and J. Cole. Bump this one for The Nation… on REPEAT!


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Whipsers – “Trash Appeal”


Okay, not content to just wait at the spot for Styles P to be the plug… Whispers still out there on the hustle to get it up on his own, too. Good!

Whispers brings heavy bars attacking what the mass public considers appealing in today’s Hip-Hop. Killing it over Gangstarr’s “Mass Appeal” instrumental Whispers rendition “Trash Appeal” let you know exactly how the young Bronx rapper feels. Enjoy!

Freestyle banger! Plus dude did some dope work on that “Nickel Bag” we just posted though. Facts!)



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Sheek Louch – “The Realest” / “Gangstarr Flow” (Freestyle)


“…Smack a high note out a n!gga, till he sounding like Michel’le…”
Sheek Louch

Baaahahaaa! DAMN! Sheek beasting out some freestyle rhyming – on some silver back gorilla sh!t – over two classic Golden Era Hip-Hop beats – “The Realest” (by Mobb Deep) and “Dwyck” (by GangStarr featuring Nice N Smooth).


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Guru – “Propaganda” feat. Avrex x Big Shug (Prod. By DJ Lord Ron) [Video]

Great video including and in tribute to the late great Guru (aka Keith Elam) of Gangstarr. Touching intro from Guru’s sister Patricia Elam.

Boston’s own Avrex is right there in the video lyrically linking pieces of vintage Guru footage together into a seamless presentation of the reworked verse recording. This jawn “Propaganda” also has Avrex going off with some of his own emceeing and that of Big Shug, founding member of Gangstarr. Produced by DJ Lord Ron, this single is a return to boom bap rap glory! Watch for flash cameos from several Hip-Hop notables.

Also, by following the link below to purchase, you’ll be contributing to a fund benefiting Guru’s son, K. C. Elam.


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Behind-The-Scenes: DJ Premier Rehearsing With His New Band (Video)

Check out this video of DJ Premier’s newly formed Live Band rehearsing out in ‘the land of the rising sun.’  Konichiwa from Japan for those of y’all that don’t know.  Preemo doesn’t have a name for the band as of yet, but he’s expressed on twitter how he wants the fans help in coming up with a good name that doesn’t involve any Gangstarr or DJ Premier references.  I think they should use the name ‘Robbin Hood Theory’ but that’s just my 2-cents.  Anyway…. Make sure you tweet to him directly at @REALDJPREMIER with #NamePreemosNewBand hastag, or head to and/or leave comments below the video posting. Good to see DJ Premier & the crew released this video of them practicing.  Most most rap groups & artists these days don’t take pride in their work & got it confused with the Allen Iverson practice theory.

Maino – “MVP”

NBA Allstar Weekend takes place in Brooklyn New York from February 13 to February 15th of this year.  Many celebrities, groupies, athletes & fans will be there, but the last few years has shown that when the stars come out so do the goons.  Check out this new freestyle from Maino, the self-proclaimed ‘King Of Brooklyn’, over the Gangstarr classic ‘Just To Get A Rep’. I guess people better tuck their chains in next weekend because some things may not have changed in Crooklyn.

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DJ Premier Breaks Down the Gang Starr Logo, ‘Mass Appeal’ and More (Video)

How appropriate for Mass Appeal channel to have Premo on deck to give personal history like this. With “Mass Appeal” spinning in the background, and DJ Premier talking to the lens, we get the straight dope from one of the dopest. Click play and learn about the creation, evolution and finalization of the Gang Starr insignia and how Premier and Gang Starr fam KNEW “Mass Appeal” was hot before radio and the world would prove them right. R.I.P. to Keithy E the Guru.

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Jeru the Damaja – Solar Flares (Prod. By Large Professor)


The East is in the house! New from Jeru the Damaja“Solar Flares” (produced by Large Professor).

New track from Gang Starr Foundation member Jeru featuring Large Pro on the productions, 2 legends together. From Jeru’s upcoming EP “The Hammer” with The Beatnuts, PF Cuttin and others. Release date TBA. Enjoy.

DJ Premier Blog


Flashback 1990: The Gangstarr Video Press Kit (Video)

1990 was my first first year in radio when I was doing a hip hop show called ‘Strictly Hip Hop’ in Pennsylvania. I had also started a cable access show of the same name later that year & it wasn’t uncommon to receive dozens of new records & videos in the mail every week. Back then most of the videos we would receive from the record labels & indie promoters would arrive in the form of 3/4 inch tapes or on VHS. I need to get on my job like Tampa Bay area DJ Sandman who digitized one of Gangstarr’s old video press kits from back in the day. I know I have this same video on VHS somewhere in storage. I’m literally kicking myself to get on it because I do need to take the time to digitize many of my old shows & interviews from the 90s. In the meantime check out the video of GURU & DJ Premier’s video press kit.  Rest in peace GURU! On another note….I’m definitely feeling how DJ Premier is rocking my favorite NFL team’s baseball cap. #RAIDERNATION BABY!

“This was a VHS Promo sent out by Chrysalis Records at the time the legendary Hip Hop group, Gang Starr was getting ready to release their 2nd album, “Step In The Arena” (Released 1/15/91) This video tape has been sitting in a box in my studio for years..I’ve always wanted to share it with Hip Hop fans who may have never had a chance to see it. It includes rare footage of Dj Premier & Guru in the studio working on their album and also a rare interview.”DJ Sandman

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Former Gangstarr Affiliate ‘Gusmo’ Says Drugs, Money, & Ego Broke Up The Group (Video)

Let’s see what DJ Premier says later to these allegations….

BLITZ – 4/19/11: Manifest Destiny

One year ago today fans of hip hop, jazz, & soul lost the legendary Guru of Gangstarr at the age of 43. His death at a relatively young age reminds us to never take life for granted & to always manifest destiny. Take care of your health, live your life to the fullest, & leave the world with something great. Just like Guru. These are the words that I manifest……I manifest! Jump into today’s BLITZ!

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The X Label Presents The Gangstarr ‘Love Sick’ Tribute T-Shirt

Can’t quite find the perfect gift for that special someone who just some happens to love hip hop? You probably can start here with this special T-shirt in honor of Guru from Gangstarr. The ‘Love Sick’ T-shirt honors the lyrics & heartfelt words from Guru’s penned classic song from Gangstarr. The song “Lovesick” was a single released in 1991 off of the second Gangstarr album, (Step In The Arena). The single reached #11 on Billboards Hot Rap Singles in 1991. One bears witness to another facet of Guru as he expresses heart felt lyrics towards a lady he feels for. The perfect shirt for a significant other and fan of Gangstarr. this is our 1st collaboration with X Is The Weapon.  Click on the link below or the artwork above for more information on how to get the T-shirt…

The Gangstarr ‘Love Sick’ T-Shirt Order Here