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Ray Allen Knows His Move From Boston To Miami Was Hard On The Fans. But Management & Teammates, They Should Understand… It Was Business (Video)

Plain talk from former Celtics standout Ray Allen. Here he is in Shanghai, telling his side of the story. In essence, he is letting viewers & fans know that it wasn’t him wanting to leave Boston, it was the Celtics… not doing what it took to keep him there. No beef with nobody on his side, even though some folks apparently reeeeally had HEAT for him for taking his talents to South Beach.

Ray Allen spoke in an exclusive interview with Tencent’s Lisa Hsu about the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Paul Pierce and being a champion. Tencent, ESPN’s partner in China, is hosting its annual Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game in Shanghai.

Makes some good points in this interview. Pro sports is BUSINESS, not personal. And there is NO loyalty. The Celts could have dropped Allen, and that would be that; not a tear shed.

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The Miami Heat Retires Its Shaquille O’Neal #32 Jersey (Video)

Miami doing the right thing: Retiring the jersey & number of the man who helped bring the franchise its first NBA title… Shaquille O’Neal. Great ceremony. Moms rolling in the scale replica ‘Shaq Diesel’ rig, Coach Pat Riley lavishing the big man with justly deserved praise, and much more. Great watch.

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NBA Standout Dwayne Wade Speaks On Leaving The Heat For The Windy City And Getting A Warm Reception And More (Video)

It’s only a six-minute clip but there is a lot in there (including precious seconds of screen time with gorgeous wifey Gabrielle Union). D Wade joining D Rose in Chicago certainly signals the Bulls desire to win rings, but other things ring true in this clip. Concerned about making the most of his remaining time (even referencing his long-gone youth, when he was ‘able to sit Indian style’ and dream about playing for the Bulls), getting the best contract and competitive situation for himself…all that and more…factored into Dwayne Wade’s decision to make that move from Miami. Watch him talk all about it above.

Dwayne Wade speaks with Cari Champion about his decision to sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls, his welcoming discussion with Jimmy Butler, and what message LeBron James and Chris Paul told him before signing.

(SportsCenter’s Cari Champion is definitely looking lovely in this interview, too. Bonus!)

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Miami Heat Stars In Its Own ‘Martin’ Intro (Video)

This is crazy! And crazy good. If the Heat ain’t having fun then who is?? Check out D. Wade, Bosh et. al. clowning around like they were right there with Martin, Tommy, Cole and everybody else back in the day!

If you were around back in the 90’s… we think you’ll enjoy this.

— Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) February 9, 2016

Lebron James Has “Bandwagon Haters” (Video)

For all you Lebron haters, it’s okay, we got you too! But seriously, how long have you hated King James…since the leg cramp? last championship? Don’t jump on the ‘hate wagon’ now. Y’all hater-come-latelys got this dude bitter!

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Miami Heat Begin Quest To 3-Peat (Video)

Don’t get me started on my team – the Miami Heat. Wanna bet on a Heat 3-peat? The Miami ballers are on the way, man. Playoff time baby! Watch the vid. Focus and intensity now… party time in Miami later.

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Lebron James Does ‘Off The Wall’ Dunks During Miami Heat Practice (Video)

People keep complaining about Lebron James not participating in the NBA Slam Dunk contest year after year, but the league hasn’t exactly offered any attractive incentives for the best players to stay involved in it every year.  The winner of the contest only receives around $35,000. If I’m not mistaken, even the prize money is not worth getting involved.  At least when Blake Griffin won the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk contest he got a check from the KIA car company too from jumping over one of their vehicles.  Spoiled fans still panned Griffin’s efforts on social media despite what I thought was still an entertaining dunk.  My impression is that most of the people who are clamoring for Lebron to get in the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk contest are those who wish to see him fail anyway. If you’ve been following King James for a while you know he’s one of the illest dunkers ever in the NBA period. Check out the video above as Lebron drops some ill off-the-wall dunks during the Miami Heat’s recent practice in Phoenix and below I posted a reminder video of the skills of King James during a charity game for Chris Paul’s charity foundation in North Carolina.

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President Obama Welcomes NBA Champion Miami Heat Back To The White House (Video)

“Welcome to the White House. Actually, for these guys, it’s welcome back to the White House.”
President Barack Obama

Very cool. If anyone knows how to celebrate even in the midst of hate, it’s our U.S. President. Oh, haters… Even you gotta celebrate these guys. The Miami Heat visited the White House for 2nd consecutive year. A two-time winner in his own right, watch President Obama’s full speech welcoming the champion basketballers back above.


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Dwyane Wade – Journey To 3 (Documentary)

“The journey is to 3… Three symbolizes to me a lot of what I believe in – The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost… I needed to lean on my faith…”

Dwayne Wade

Suffice it to say the game is more than basketball to champions. It’s life – mind, body & soul. But to watch this D. Wade documentary – Journey To 3 – you get a real chance to see the man being real. Miami Heat basketball is definitely the context, but watch for what you learn about the athlete taking care of himself, the man persevering through adversity, and the father being with and for his family. A lot expertly squeezed into half a half-hour.


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JAYFORCE.COM EXCLUSIVE: A Visual Recap Of The Miami Heat’s Historic 2013 Back-To-Back NBA Championship & Game 7 Title Win

2013 NBA Finals JAYFORCE.COMAfter so much Miami Heat HATE, “King James The 4th” (MVPs) aka Lebron James & the Miami Heat have conquered once again for another back-to-back NBA championship. I’m blessed to have ‘witnessed’ & covered, in-person, Lebron’s first championship win back in 2012 & this year’s historic 2013 win over the San Antonio Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals. After the Miami Heat’s historic 27-game winning streak this season, Lebron winning his 4th league MVP, & the rather eventful ‘Harlem Shake’ video, it was inevitable that this year would be nothing less than special in a myriad of ways. I had secured great seats not far from being courtside believing Miami would win it all in 6 games over the San Antonio Spurs, but when it was apparent there would be a game 7 I had to swap that out. My game 7 seats weren’t as great as my seats in 2012 or even my game 6 seats, but this was not at all bad considering there really aren’t any bad seating arrangements in Miami’s American Airlines arena to begin with. The sight lines were still very good & close to the action which was clearly visible from our seats. The most important thing was being in the building to witness history & to report on it. As the squad prepares for the 2013-2014 season in just a few months for a possible 3-peat, here’s the JAYFORCE.COM report & recap via tweets, pics, & with video of what took place in Miami before, during, & after the Heat pulled out a historic & classic game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs.



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Jalen Rose On Partying With King James and the Miami Heat (Video)

This year, the Miami Heat started from the TOP and now they’re here… celebrate back-to-back championships. Check out the video with Jalen Rose as he talks about partying with Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Popping bottles and VIP everywhere (champagne campaign)… sure. Lebron, D. Wade, and Drake… they were there sure. But watch and listen as Jalen gives some ‘real’ party review gold here! Of course, ‘Bron was rocking the gold grill… OF COURSE! Hahaa.

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ESPN: Miami Heat’s Relationship With Miami’s Music Scene (Video)

Some do indeed fly south, to join others already in South Beach, for the winter… for basketball Miami Heat season! ESPN put together a piece on music notables like Birdman and Weezy, Jimmy Buffett and others who come on down court side to catch the games. Lil Wayne is not necessarily a Miami Heat fan though to say the least.

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Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Takes Time Out To Go To A Fan’s Prom (Video)

Take a look as Dwyane Wade surprises one of his biggest fans (Archbishop Carroll High senior Nicole Muxo) by attending her prom! Like his YouTube channel says, ‘Dwyane helps make a fan’s dream come true by showing up unexpectedly at her prom in Coral Gables, FL.’

“She actually DM’d me on Twitter and said, ‘This is the address, this is where I’m gonna be just in case,’ and when I got that I said I won’t be doing nothing tomorrow night and I can go and make this a memorable moment for her.”

Now, you gotta admit that that was kool. Bravo, D. Wade.

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ESPN’s E:60 on Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh (Video)

You say what you want about Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh but this dude is hilarious with all the situations that seem to happen with him.  Self-inflicted suspect photobombs or not one thing for sure is you can’t deny the guy can play basketball.  This ESPN mini-documentary with Lisa Salters exposes Chris Bosh for who he really is…..just a geeky, nerdy, yet highly intelligent former Georgia Tech student who had an interest in engineering & computer programming. To Chris Bosh’s wife he’s just a “goofball” who in more ways than one is just an entertainer at heart. Despite some of the negativity he’s received it’s kinda cool to see Chris Bosh won’t allow anything to affect his sense of humor.

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Rick Ross and Son Bond Courtside at the Miami Heat v. Chicago Bulls Playoff Game 2 (Video)

Ballin’ at the ball game… courtside… BAWSE! Rick Ross and his son take in game 2 of the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls game 2 of the NBA Playoffs. Ultimate gift: Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat gives Ross’ son the shoes he wore in the game! That makes it a rather historic & special event for a young kid I’m sure he’ll never forget. As the series heads back to Miami tomorrow with the team up 3-1 on the Chicago Bulls it looks like my favorite team the Miami Heat are closer to another historic run for an NBA Championship. Let’s go HEAT! #TEAMHEAT

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King James IV: LeBron James Is MVP… Again! (Video)

An impressive montage of an impressive career so far. This is an NBA short of compiled LeBron James footage, the Miami Heat superstar having won his 4th MVP award.

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Slam Dunks: Lebron James Amazing Posterizing Dunk Over Jason Terry

I thoroughly enjoyed this last night as I was rooting for the Miami Heat to keep their historic NBA winning streak alive versus the Boston Celtics. I noticed throughout the game how Boston Celtic’s Jason Terry appeared to be talking trash most of the game but Lebron James’ alley-oop dunk on Jason Terry clearly shifted the momentum of the rest of the game. Lebron’s subtle stare down while Jason Terry was on the ground made this all the more hilarious. #TEAMHEAT
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Miami Heat Does The Harlem Shake (Video)

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What Atlanta’s NBA Franchise Can Learn From The Miami Heat: Pay Attention You’re Missing A Payday!

JayForce recently gave on-air commentary (on The Remix and the Beatz & Lyrics shows) about his experiences at the last game of the 2012 NBA finals, about King-with-his-first-ring Lebron James, and about the welcome feel of the arena and locale. I took in all he said: the game being an incredible experience, the King’s ring being well-deserved, the Heat being the team of destiny (giving thanks to all those Lebron haters who lost bets to him), and that Miami knows how to celebrate. However, the comments that would follow – building on that last point – were likely what gave listeners the most to think about…that in Atlanta, fans are being dissed AND that money is being missed!


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Rick Ross & Wale Courtside At The Miami Heat Vs. New York Knicks Playoff Game (Video)

Miami native Rick Ross & D.C. boy Wale sit courtside as they watch the Miami Heat eliminate the New York Knicks from the playoffs last night. I’m routing for Lebron James, D-Wade, & the rest of the Miami Heat to win it all this year too. Let’s do it!