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Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, And Tiffany Haddish Star In “Uncle Drew” The Movie (Trailer)

You KNOW you remember the “Uncle Drew” commercial series. Well, they are making a movie out of it… and it’s gonna be dope!!!

Call up the old squad, put on the kicks, take it to the court and rule! Taking this hoop comedy serious! Lots of stars and cameos. Peep the trailer.

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Comedy: The Story Behind Thr33way, The Boy Band (Nick Kroll x Jordan Peele x James Corden) [Video]

I can feel you. I can feel you both.

Bwaaaahahaaa! They stoopit!! I ask again: When has Corden NOT been FUNNY?? And teaming up with Comedy Central staples Nick Kroll and Jordan Peele is a no-brainer to make a gut-buster of a sketch clip. But this. These dudes are dangerously hilarious in this. Like if gunmen came through and threatened, “The next m*therf*cker that laughs is DEAD,” and played this clip… Y’ALL GONE DIE!

(Got serious, right? Know what, play the clip. You will STILL laugh!)

In a time when *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and others dominated the boy band landscape, three mavericks came together to form Thr33way – a boy band that didn’t hide from its sexuality.
– The Late Late Show With James Corden


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Loving (Trailer)

Wow. This looks like one of those incredible movies with heart that could get missed because there is not enough rockem-sockem or scandal in it. But we came across this trailer, and not letting you know about it would be a crime… like Black and White folks getting married back in the day. Yeah… not that long ago. Stay woke.

Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married.
– New Trailer Buzz

Beautiful story. Plus Michael Shannon has been delivering the goods since HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Comedian Nick Kroll should really get a chance to stretch his dramatic acting chops in this one. And Mildred Loving should be a breakout role for Ruth Negga (Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., AMC Original Series: Preacher).

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