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The KKK Kept Patrick Ewing From Attending UNC (Video)

‘There was a big Ku Klux Klan rally in North Carolina when I was there. And I’m like…you know what…I’m not coming down here!’

Patrick Ewing, on the phone with Dan Patrick

Well, Patrick Ewing’s first choice was Georgetown University anyway. But I bet that KKK ‘welcome ceremony’ didn’t help UNC’s recruiting effort. Note to any remaining racists out there… you can really cost your program something serious with your ignorance. Like future NBA all-star center serious. Wow! Watch.

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Storytime With Jalen Rose: Stealing Patrick Ewing’s Television (Video)

I’m enjoying these little known NBA stories that Jalen Rose has been dropping! They’re downright hilarious for multiple reasons from the mischievous way he tells them to all the compounding & humorous elements that take place each step of the way. In this particular segment, the former NBA star & current basketball analyst speaks about a time he had a little beef with Patrick Ewing when his ‘Detroit Instincts’ kicked it to get the better of the New York Knicks big man. Purrrrre hilarity.

Jalen Rose and Patrick Ewing never liked each other, so Jalen stole Patrick Ewing’s television. Not just any television either – a television with a VCR attachment.” – Grantland
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