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Technology: Qualcomm’s Paul Jacobs Sees a Bright Future for Smartphones (Video)

Qualcomm was the chip company smart enough to put Internet protocols into cell phones right around the time the ‘Net was becoming accessible to the general public (early 1990s). The guy at the helm of a company that demonstrates such foresight is someone to whom we should listen, right?

Well, whether or not you do, I am listening to what Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs has to say:

‘There are a lot of opportunities… Obviously, the smartphone trend is going to continue… There will be 5 billion smartphones sold between now and 2016.’

Paul Jacobs

5 billion!! Did y’all get that? Now, what would smart folks in media (radio, TV, performing artists, promoters, bloggers, etc.) be looking to do in light of such a tip from such an authority as Jacobs? I dunno.

(Yeah, I do. Look left. You can download the JayForce mobile app… to interact with this site via phone… to listen to Beatz & Lyrics with JayForce via phone… you… do get it, right?)

So, just how far can this mobile trend take us? Possibilities for business are obvious; but what about for humanity. Check it:

‘Let me tell you something that’s pretty cool. There’s a researcher we’re working with who has an idea to put a tiny chip inside your bloodstream … and it’ll maybe lodge in your wrist and look for certain indicators that in two weeks you might have a heart attack. Can you imagine that? So your phone will ring and tell you to go to your doctor. That’s in the lab right now. People are working on that now.’

Paul Jacobs


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