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OMG! John Oliver Opened His Own Megachurch!

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That’s Oh My [Prosperity] Gospel! Remember that website and phone number John Oliver gave out in his end-of-segment bit in his lampooning of cash-greedy televangelists on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver… that was for a real thing. Buzz on the Interwebs made it worth checking the Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption site. To find the letter above.


But…due to unforeseen circumstances… and unanticipated seed donations… and undesired donations of ’seed’ (fans be cray)… Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption is now closed.

At least the donated monies went to a good cause (we take the site as it reads, but remember how loose U.S. regulation on churches is though). Read above and chuckle.

John Oliver Gives The Gospel Truth On ‘Prosperity Preachers’ (Video)

U.S. tax law allows television preachers (read: prosperity preachers, who ask you for money you don’t have, promising blessings they cannot promise) to get away with almost anything. Not only are their actions LEGAL in the United States, but as part of a church, they can do the ridiculousness TAX-FREE! Folks, you have to pay taxes on money you earn at your 9-to-5 though.

We will now allow you a moment to get inconsolably angry-sad.

Now, to make you feel a bit better, here’s John Oliver with a hard-hitting satirical piece from his HBO series “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver giving it to the run-amok prosperity gospel industry. Give it to ’em, John. Hallelujah!

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