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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Is On Top Of The Problems With The Increasing Popularity Of ‘Everest’ (Video)

Didn’t really think about it until last night’s “Last Week Tonight”… but Everest has become… well, passe. Wow.

Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
– Last Week Tonight

‘Fecal time bomb’ though. Eeewwww!


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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver On The ‘WWE’ (Video)

‘Last Week Tonight’ is such a brilliant mix of comedy and chat on serious matters. Perfect for covering what happens in the pro wrestling industry, in WWE in particular. Full disclosure: I love wrestling, too.

John Oliver discusses how the WWE takes care of its wrestlers — and how it doesn’t.
– Last Week Tonight


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John Oliver Drops His Own Version Of The 2018 ‘Wrap-Up’… A Segment On Authoritarianism (Video)

Plus a cameo from Neil deGrasse Tyson! Score for the last episode of the season!

John Oliver discusses the growing number of authoritarian leaders around the world, their common characteristics, and whether or not one of them is currently our president.
– Last Week Tonight


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Comedy: John Oliver On ‘Gene Editing’ As A Cure-All Or The Thing That Kills Us All (Video)

Bwaahahaa! Only John could work 30-foot wolves and ‘crunchy rectums’ into a futurist topic discussion. Okay, John. Gene editing is that topic… GO!

Scientists are developing new ways to alter the genetic code of living organisms. John Oliver explores the risks, rewards, and wolf-related hazards of gene editing.
– Last Week Tonight

#AndBuffBeagles #ScienceBxtches


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John Oliver Gives Us The Low-Down On Down & Dirty Auto Lenders (Video)

WOW! Did y’all know about the car loan beeper??? Car loan folks are out of f*cking control. But so are John, Keegan and Bob. Ha!

Auto lenders can steer vulnerable people into crushing debt. Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban help John Oliver show exactly how.
– Last Week Tonight

Learn from this and be wary of the Buy-Here-Pay-Here bloodsuckers.

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The Segment Lampooning Hollywood’s ‘Whitewashing’ On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Was Epic! (Video)

Last Week Tonight dropped this satirical gem (okay, megaton satire bomb) on Hollywood whitewashing on its ‘How Is This Still A Thing?’ segment just before the Academy Awards. Not enough roles for non-White actors, eh Hollywood? Bullsh!t much? Hope John Oliver did not p!ss off any future guests with this one. Then again, so what if he did? This is too spot on …and hilarious …and true!


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OMG! John Oliver Opened His Own Megachurch!

Screenshot 2016-01-23 10.03.08

That’s Oh My [Prosperity] Gospel! Remember that website and phone number John Oliver gave out in his end-of-segment bit in his lampooning of cash-greedy televangelists on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver… that was for a real thing. Buzz on the Interwebs made it worth checking the Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption site. To find the letter above.


But…due to unforeseen circumstances… and unanticipated seed donations… and undesired donations of ’seed’ (fans be cray)… Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption is now closed.

At least the donated monies went to a good cause (we take the site as it reads, but remember how loose U.S. regulation on churches is though). Read above and chuckle.

John Oliver Gives The Gospel Truth On ‘Prosperity Preachers’ (Video)

U.S. tax law allows television preachers (read: prosperity preachers, who ask you for money you don’t have, promising blessings they cannot promise) to get away with almost anything. Not only are their actions LEGAL in the United States, but as part of a church, they can do the ridiculousness TAX-FREE! Folks, you have to pay taxes on money you earn at your 9-to-5 though.

We will now allow you a moment to get inconsolably angry-sad.

Now, to make you feel a bit better, here’s John Oliver with a hard-hitting satirical piece from his HBO series “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver giving it to the run-amok prosperity gospel industry. Give it to ’em, John. Hallelujah!

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Last Week Tonight: John Oliver And Michael Bolton Sing The Praises Of The IRS?

They say the only things that are certain are death and taxes. Correction: Death, taxes, and this Last Week Tonight “IRS” performance with host John Oliver and guest power balladeer Michael Bolton KILLING it!

Oh, and you know he has a point… Hate it or love it, John says we need the IRS. Do you agree? Watch.


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John Oliver On Government Surveillance (Video)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is good TV (every Sunday night on the “Not Just TV” channel). Think about how funny dude was when he was a correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Now, take away the censoring Comedy Central puts on Stewart’s program. Dangerous! Sure the language is saucier; but the punch Oliver can deliver on his much freer HBO series lets him let loose on socio-political topics. On a recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver gave his tirade on government surveillance; which included a trip to Russia to talk to famed-and-in-hot-water-with-the-U.S.-government Edward Snowden. Google NSA and leaked documents if you need to catch up.

Content too heavy? Alright, they break it way down…all the way down to dick pics (o…kay… overshare).

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America’s Dangerous Sugar Addiction (Video)

It’s been said that if sugar was submitted for approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Association today… it would be turned down as a drug with the quickness! Think about it. From fields of cane to white powder, bagged up and sold, giving so many kids a ‘sugar high’ – especially tonight. Okay, okay… we’re not trying to put the kibosh on Halloween… but take a look at John Oliver’s segment on America’s daily sugar overdose on HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ think about how much sweet stuff you ingest (and how corporations plot to ensure you keep doing so).

America… we have a problem. Maybe? Well… Let’s talk about it over a cup of coffee. How do you take yours? Dark-brewed, heavy cream and… awww, dammit!

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Punchlines That Sting: Comedian John Oliver Delivers Biting Commentary on The Mike Brown Shooting & Subsequent Protests (Video)

Comedian John Oliver put on a clinic on how you deliver stinging social commentary as thinly veiled comedy. VERY thinly veiled. On the last episode of his Last Week Tonight show on HBO, he spent a huge chunk of the show talking all things Ferguson. The delivery vehicle – a satirical news-formatted TV broadcast – puts viewers (except for hardened Conservatives dead set against the Liberal-leaning Brit they know from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) in a “hey-you-gotta-be-able-to-laugh-at-things” mode to start. He expertly pulls some chuckles in his segment about the recent events – Mike Brown’s fatal shooting by Ferguson (Missouri) cops, the brutality and militarization of American police departments, etc. But he kept raising the temperature on the presentation until his beef with the entire situation was well cooked. Smoke. Fire. BURN!

Sure, we laugh. But it ain’t funny. John knows…and he let the viewer know he knows this is some bullsh!t.

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John Oliver Slams America’s Slammers: The Prison System Is ‘Horribly Broken’ (Video)

Former member of the late night tongue-in-cheek commentative cabal over at Comedy Central (you know, folks like Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report)… John Oliver has been loosed on the HBO audience; where he’s making even more biting wisecracks. Letting them have it!

Here’s yet another occasion to unleash the cracking Kraken – spotlighting America’s broken penal system.

On the episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver embedded above, the host spent about a third of his show’s run-time on how broken America’s prison system is. In essence, tearing some a-holes some new a-holes. Oliver dropped science and atomic bombs… America having more imprisoned than China, the rampant amount of prison rape, the abysmal medical care and maggots in the food (as contractors cut costs beyond the bone), folks copping pleas to avoid prison instead of defending themselves in court as is their legal right… all wrong, wrong, wrong!

Tie the tirade together with a Sesame Street styled clip; and you’ve got a winner. Realize though that in the midst of the joking, how disproportionate the number of people of color vs. Whites end up in the hell we call prison…and you’ll understand that the U.S. has got a loser… its prison system!

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Comedy: The Daily Show’s Take On NYC’s ‘Stop & Frisk’ Issue (Video)

Who said hot women aren’t funny? Well, don’t say that anymore. Jessica Williams is hot… and hilarious in her skit on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. The Show is currently being anchored by John Oliver while regular host Jon Stewart is on break working on his movie. This ‘Frisky Business’ segment comes to us from ‘Wall Street’ (aka ‘Business Harlem’), as Jessica gives hardline on-site commentary about the need for MORE stop-and-frisk in this crime-ridden area. Boom!

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