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Who Killed Tupac & Biggie? LAPD Detective Greg Kading Names Names! (Video)

Just in case the decades of foot-dragging and the much-hyped USA Network miniseries did not quench your thirst for knowledge on the Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac murders, VICE gets the scoop in ’10 Questions’ posed to the lead investigator. And he answers them directly!

Ever wondered who committed the murders of Tupac and Biggie? Greg Kading, the LAPD Detective who investigated the murders, claims he has the answers. With a theory that allegedly implicates Sean Combs and Suge Knight, Kading claims to have solved two of the most famous murders in US history.

A couple of things to keep in mind: (1) Kading’s investigation was directed toward clearing any blame regarding the LAPD’s role/coverup with respect to the murders of ‘Pac & BIG… (2) both the people Kading directly accused are dead #JustSaying

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Cozz – “Questions” (Video)

Lyrics matter! Yeah… you can tell a J. Cole comrade, right? Yet another question you already know the answer for. Cozz reps Dreamville well on this “Questions” jawn. Dope.

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Eye Candy/Comedy: “Questions” Be Damned! These Honeyz Are Too Sexy To Answer Questions (Video)

Okay, if you can’t laugh at this… sorry for ya. Because this throwback is HILARIOUS! And yeah, these thick’ums should know these answers, but (1) you gone really hold ‘not knowing’ against them OR (2) you REALLY want to hold ‘something else’ up against them?

Answer that question. Yes. Hahaa!


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Snoop Dogg Answers Twitter Questions (Video)

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