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The “Periscope” App is a Social Media Game Changer (Video)

Technology moves at a fast pace and the social media world moves even faster.  Remember when My Space was the place to be?  Then it was Facebook and of course now Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Kik and many more exist.  So you are probably thinking so what is the big deal about this new mobile app?  Well put it to you like this when the creators were putting the technology together Twitter got word of it and purchased it for millions before they even released it to the public.  Periscope allows you to have a live broadcast straight from your mobile phone with the ability for people to comment live and to interact.  In the video Dr Boyce Watkins is joined by Michelle Martin of Urban Youth Racing School and she speaks on how people of color should take advantage and really get ahead of the curve using this new technology.  Could you imagine not just shooting video of Police Brutality but having a live stream with people interacting?  Also if there is a social event happening that the local news doesn’t want to cover no need for them you can broadcast it live in real time on your mobile phone!  Like my brother Jayforce likes to say “This Changes Everything” LOL.

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Snoop Dogg Answers Twitter Questions (Video)

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Comedy: 40 Year Old Woman Discovers How To Get More Facebook & Twitter Friends (Video)

More often than not when I’m on twitter I see people constantly begging people to follow them. In some cases there are people who actually pay for followers on twitter & friends on Facebook. This comedy sketch shows just how far people will go to be popular instead of connecting with people naturally. More info on the Dicki series under the hood….
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Snoop Dogg Smokes Out The Twitter Offices With His New Album

Snoop Dogg stopped by Twitter’s corporate offices to debut his new album the ‘Doggumentary’ recently. Kurupt, Daz, & another members of the DPGC was hanging in the offices throwing it up as well. Check out the video & after the jump we have some behind the scenes video from his shoot for the song ‘El Lay’.

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CyHi Da Prynce, Donnis, & Big Krit Talk About Being New Artists In The Twitter Era(VIDEO)

People’s usage & their increasing reliance on social media has been a great tool for new artists to get discovered. Social media is everywhere but for any new artist it can also have it’s drawbacks. Newcomers in the music industry such as CyHi Da Prynce, Donnis, & Big Krit talk about the good & bad of social media platforms like twitter as a new artist on the rise. By the way…..follow us on twitter @JayforceDotCom