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Taraji P. Henson & My Houzz Renovate Her Mom’s Home (Video)

Beautiful sista doing something beautiful for her mom. A renovation that made a wonderful home that much closer to perfect. Easy to watch Taraji in anything, but what’ll get you is mom’s reaction when she lays eyes on the finished ‘new’ home when Taraji does the big reveal.

Watch actress Taraji P. Henson surprise her stepmother, Angie, with a renovation of Angie’s kitchen, living room and dining room in the Washington, D.C., area.
– HouzzTV

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Deshaun Watson & My Houzz Renovate His Mom’s Home (Video)

Okay, they make these so you’ll tear up a li’l bit. But you’ll be alright. Blame it on the weather or something. There are actually moments of decor discussion and design strategy that break up the emotional build-up for viewers. A perfect mix of business purpose and heartfelt story-sharing in this vid. Check it out.

Always look out for Mom. Always. Salute Mr. Watson.

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Call To Action: WLPWR’s “Go Fund” (Video)

Will Power (record producer, 15 years) and Angela (artist manager, 10 years) are raising money to complete their studio for recording, phtog, event space and more. So far, they have $60K of their own invested in this project. Now they are calling on us to help them finish fulfilling the vision AND serve artists and the community. See video of the warehouse loft space construction/conversion in process, and listen as they explain what’s going on and what the duo hopes to achieve!

You can contact Will Power on Facebook and Twitter via @WLPWR and at WLPWR.COM for more info.

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