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Julius Horsthuis’ Computer Presents “Fraktaal” (Short Film)

So this is what’s hot now? Computers are just randomly banging out dope short films like this “Fraktaal” joint? Wowwww, Julius Horsthuis has found a way to make movies that are compelling to watch, quite literally, without even trying.

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Food/Lifestyle: 2 Chainz Enjoys The ‘Most Expensivist’ Food And Smoke (Video)

Sitting down to $300 steaks and $4900 chicken wings with Action Bronson, chomping on thousand-dollar doughnuts, and smoking on $4000 cigars… 2 Chainz treats himself while showing you how.

(The steak though. Might have to try one. It’ll “hurt”… but soooo good!)


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Technology/Gaming: Learn To Make Car Repairs In Virtual Reality (Video)

Perhaps not an age-old question, but a cool one to answer: “Can I learn to fix race cars without risking damage to something expensive (like a car, or myself)?” “Oh wait, follow up, I don’t have a car, garage or tools of my own; does that matter much?. Oh, and wait, do I have to get ‘dirty’ and stuff?” Hahaaa!

Fix your car…in VR!

It’s time to get your car ready for racing without getting your hands dirty. “Wrench” is an indie game for virtual reality that lets players assemble photorealistic components for a custom race car. Players diagnose problems with their speed machines and try to fix them.

The game is still in development, and the developers say it won’t include any driving simulation either.

– Vocativ

Well, there’s your answer!


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How Did Teenager Luke Thill Afford His Own Home? Well, He Started By Mowing Lawns (Video)

Not bad. Actually, kind of very cool! Think back to when I was 13… Was I doing anything remotely this bright? Nah. Not anywhere near. Hahaaa!

Now, you armchair conservationists and construction engineers should take note: (1) Luke’s built and “financed” this house on his own, (2) using LOTS of reclaimed/repurposed material, (3) for less than $1500, and (4) HE IS 13 YEARS OLD!

Meet Luke Thill, who at age twelve started working on his very own tiny house- one a mere 5′ by 10′, but with a sleep loft, transforming dining table, and even a small kitchenette. At age thirteen, using money from summer lawn-mowing jobs, and bartering (electrical wiring help in exchange for cleaning out a garage in one case), Iowa’s Thill completed his tiny house – one that he calls the practice precursor to a future “real” tiny house he plans on designing and eventually living in.
– relaxshacksDOTcom


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Terry Crews And His Puppet… Of Himself (Video)

When Terry Crews said it was his puppet first date, I was already in. You know it’s about to be some silly-acting in this. So go on and click play.


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Recreating The Golden Raft of El Dorado (Documentary Segment)

Nice one, Smithsonian Channel. And here I thought El Dorado was just a wack azz character on Superfriends from the 1980s. But naaah son, the Golden City must have been something to see. However, since that is not possible (because, ‘LOST City Of Gold’)… we gain insight from observing how a relic believed to be from there was most likely crafted.

It’s not just the golden raft’s ties to the legend of El Dorado that make it impressive. The complicated method that was used to craft it reveals the advanced techniques of the Muisca people.
– Smithsonian Channel

Columbian history, world history, ready for you to view above. This is but a portion of “Secrets: Golden Raft Of El Dorado” – the full-length documentary available now at The Smithsonian Channel (linked here and after the jump).


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Hobby/Craft: How To Make A Mini Crossbow (Video)

Hmm. Doesn’t look all that dangerous. More like hobby/crafty/fidgety fun. Of course, a mini crossbow that shoots toothpicks might cause a bit more of a sting than a paper airplane or a spitball. Schools can handle any ‘offenders’ who misuse this toy in the classroom: detention or whatever punishment they are doling out nowadays. Let’s just enjoy this vid for what it is, a cool do-it-yourself how-to.

If you don’t feel like making one, it looks like you can buy a toothpick crossbow… still, but the number of sellers may be dwindling. Follow the ‘more’ link below to see why. Watch the video first though.


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Food/Travel: Rare Taiwanese Mutton Dish Is Dangerous And Delicious (Video)

Okay, so that blowfish sushi could kill the person eating it. Their choice. But this dish risks (e.g. shortens) the life of the chef?? Daaaamn! That better be some good azz mutton. And (hand raised)… um… what is mutton exactly?

We visited a legendary restaurant in Taiwan! A 72-hour mutton hot pot! Buried under ground for three days heated in a walk in furnace with rice hulls! One of the best meals of my entire life! Make sure to check it out and follow me on Instagram for updates!
Luke Martin

Well, the food does look good. Gotta admit. Oh, and I Googled it up: Mutton is meat from a sheep that is older than a year, ideally 3 years of age.


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Food: South L.A.’s African-American Taco Movement (Video)

Okay, you know Memphis for the barbecue and Philly for the cheesesteak… Basically, there are a lot of cities with food that reps. Check out a new food movement: South Los Angeles’ African American Tacos. Just a taste of Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series.

Welcome to Food Grails, a new First We Feast travel series hosted by Miss Info. As a music journalist, she’s travelled the world and seen the power of artists who rep for their hometown sound. Now, she wants to discover how foods define a city’s flavor—from Atlanta’s lemon-pepper wings, to NYC’s beef patties. These are America’s food grails.
First We Feast

Learned some math: Profit from slanging tacos > profit from selling weed (wow, plus weed heads probably come through with ‘the munchies’ yo). Serious business here. Watch.


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The Power Of Sound In Cinema (Video)

Really nice vignette on the power of sound with regard to its impact in cinema. What you hear, what you don’t hear, the supression of noise or noises; even the inclusion of silence… The sound mix affects the feel and story delivery in so many ways.

Just imagine being in that control room about halfway through the above clip. When the static-filled voicecast says calmly, “There is no danger…” Man, they better get the f#ck out! Or since it started at the 4:20 mark, smoked ’em if they had ’em. Hahaaa!

Great insights in this video!

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Recreation: 10 Of The Coolest Toys For Grown-Ups (Video)

You’re a grown up, right? That means you can do whatever you wanna do. So why wait until Christmas, or even Christmas in July, to get into some awesome toys? Toys for grown-ups like these!

Yeah. I don’t feel like waiting either. Let’s get into ’em above.


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Building And Burning A Mini Matchstick House (Video)

Dopest charcoal lighter ever! Missed Memorial Day, but build one of these for the 4th Of July and be the envy of every barbecuer across America. Watch the precise construction of a mini matchstick house. Then watch it burn in the awesomest way!

(Wait. This house was built without glue??)

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