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Watch This Heated Pool Being Hand-Built (Video)

Really been getting into these ‘primitive construction’ type videos lately. Dudes go out into the wilderness with limited tools – mainly just their hands, what’s around them, and their ingenuity – and build incredible structures. It relaxes me watching these. Hard work, but quiet.

Nothing I would actually do for real, but I like watching this stuff. Maybe you will, too. Heated swimming pool anyone?

(These vids make me think of what it must have been like for Tuskegee’s first students – making their own bricks and building their own school with them. Hometown got it out the mud. On a much bigger scale. Dope!)


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Call To Action: WLPWR’s “Go Fund” (Video)

Will Power (record producer, 15 years) and Angela (artist manager, 10 years) are raising money to complete their studio for recording, phtog, event space and more. So far, they have $60K of their own invested in this project. Now they are calling on us to help them finish fulfilling the vision AND serve artists and the community. See video of the warehouse loft space construction/conversion in process, and listen as they explain what’s going on and what the duo hopes to achieve!

You can contact Will Power on Facebook and Twitter via @WLPWR and at WLPWR.COM for more info.

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Apis Cor Just 3D-Printed Its First Residential Home (Video)

“3D printer… I’ve heard of it… It can make some little stuff…”

“A house? In 24 hours? No way!”

Yep. Just some regular Russians’ comments on the modern construction miracle that Apis Cor has just pulled off. That company sought to partner with PIK Companies Group, Samsung Electronics, TechnoNICOL Corporation, Bitex Reibeputz Company and Fabrika Okon to make the tech and make the house happen. Once all was in place, in just a day’s time, with a huge on-site 3D printer, in Russia, a 400-square-foot home was built, at a cost of slightly over $10,000.

Watch, and be amazed. Crazy. Crazy COOL!

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