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For Internal Review Only: Will Smith’s Personal ‘Bad Boys 3’ Behind-The-Scenes Footage (Video)

How much more of an inside scoop can you get on ‘Bad Boys 3’ than Will Smith with cam in hand talking to staff, producers, and his partner Martin Lawrence?

(Rhetorical question. Answers itself. Just watch and be an insider.)


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ROGUE ONE : A ‘Star Wars’ Story Review We Definitely Co-Sign (Video)

— Jay Force (@Jayforce) December 16, 2016

How Would You Like To Drive A 2015 Lamborghini Huracán… Every Day? (Video)

We posted on the Huracán before. Slick-looking ride. Likely a steep price tag, but still made us want and wonder. If only…

Yes it’s awesomely powerful, but one of the things that impressed me most was just how much more livable it had become over its predecessor. But would you really want to drive it every day?

He’s kidding right? Who wouldn’t want that problem? Well, reviewer Colum Wood does make a few points above that speak to sight lines and safety in dealing with traffic on the day-to-day commute. But figuring what I would be doing & earning for a living (check that… how I’m living… LARGE), if I could afford to floss and fuel-up a Lambo daily… Yeah, lemme try this problem out. Vrrrroooomm!

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