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How Would You Like To Drive A 2015 Lamborghini Huracán… Every Day? (Video)

We posted on the Huracán before. Slick-looking ride. Likely a steep price tag, but still made us want and wonder. If only…

Yes it’s awesomely powerful, but one of the things that impressed me most was just how much more livable it had become over its predecessor. But would you really want to drive it every day?

He’s kidding right? Who wouldn’t want that problem? Well, reviewer Colum Wood does make a few points above that speak to sight lines and safety in dealing with traffic on the day-to-day commute. But figuring what I would be doing & earning for a living (check that… how I’m living… LARGE), if I could afford to floss and fuel-up a Lambo daily… Yeah, lemme try this problem out. Vrrrroooomm!

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How Would You React If You Saw a Lamborghini Drive By? How Would You React To The Reactions If You Were Driving It? (Video)

Are you curious to know what it is like driving a Ferrari #lamborghinimustang in the streets of Toronto? Enjoy another update of my POV Reaction Series.
The Leviathan

Ha! Lie to yourself if you want, but even if you were not curious, you are now. Watching this from The Leviathan’s point-of-view, you might feel different about the a-hole (or awesome dude) that rolls through your ‘hood in a Lambo. This should give you a whole other perspective on what ‘that sh!t cray’ means. Can you just be ‘regular’ while driving a supercar? Can you just live?

(Wow. Maybe not…A couple of those encounters captured in the vid above will definitely make you think before you give your final answer!)

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Meet Danny Lambo: Britain’s Flashiest Playboy (Video)

Like Bruce Wayne without the dangerous hobbies to cover the cape-and-cowl nightlife. Danny Karne of Croydon (Britain) is living a life that you could scarcely believe, even if you read it in a comic (or watched it in the movie made from the comic). Since some folks cannot help but hate the player and the game, let’s enumerate the things for you to hate.

At 16, Danny dropped out of school… to link up with a Japanese music producer and pursue a singing career.
Far from home, Danny and his band hit the Far East… touring girls schools (and other spots in Asia, Australia and New Zealand).

At 21, Danny is done in the music game; a high-school dropout with no marketable skills or experience… but he knew his way around a hotel.

Keeping ties with his family (even sending all his money made from touring back home), Danny’s older sister (an interior designer) helped him buy and renovate a 30-room Paddington bed-and-breakfast into a respectable hotel.

Danny’s “respectable” hotel would soon become a celebrity must-stay destination… By 22, Danny is a millionaire hotelier.
The big bucks (pounds) came rolling in… like the extra loud Lamborghinis he loved to drive (hence the name Danny Lambo).

The ladies loved the cars, but they were too loud. Danny loved the ladies, but he loved the cars… Solution: Stay in the car, and shout out the ladies with a bullhorn (yeah, it worked)!

And it follows… laying up with Russian models and all kinds of leggy ladies, five thousand on a meal here and 10 thousand on a drink there… All the while, growing a hotel and real estate empire.

Enough? How about a Danny Lambo movie? Nah, that’d be ridiculous. But “Danny’s World” – a reality TV series – is being filmed.

(Oh… and Danny is just 37. Wowwww.)


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Lamborghini Winter Academia 2015 (Video)

What. What’s the big deal. Just drifting… on a snow drift… in a LAMBO!!! Ultimate driving experience, and we have a clip of that for you right here.

From Aspen to Nagano and Livigno. The Lamborghini Winter Driving Academy is the pure adrenaline of testing up to 700 hp on snow and ice with the Huracán.

You want some of this? All you gotta do is join Lamborghini Accademia (see

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BMW i8 Sporty Hybrid Car (Video)

I was speaking with my homie DJ Blakmagic yesterday & he was telling me about the Atlanta International Auto show that was taking place in the city over the weekend. Blak told me that unlike previous years where there were many luxury, sports cars, & concept cars on the showroom floor, this year they were very few if any. It’s apparent that those elements of the trade show are most likely casualties to the current economic conditions the country has been facing including General Motors’s recent rebound from financial collapse in Detroit. One of the concept cars we did discuss was a new BMW hybrid that will most likely be in production & on the road in a year or two. Check out the video above of the BMW i8 Hybrid & a new model Lambo that people have been talking about below…..
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