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Eye Candy: Stretching Of Sexy Body Girl (Video)

Ahhhh, so nice.

Okay, let’s get our story straight… you know, for when ‘whoever’ walks by and catches us watching this. “It’s a fitness video, honey; the stretching part.” Oh wait, how about, “Babe, I think this must be the lady that trained Pink to do her stage act with all the climbing and spinning above stage! You like Pink, right? You KNOW that I like the pink… whaddya mean, why did I say ‘the pink’…?

(Nah. Maybe we could say… OH SH!T, they just texted they’ll be in in a minute or so. Go. Press play. PRESS PLAY! Got just enough time.)

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Cham – “Back Way” (Video)

Yep, the summer is here and CHAM is still on a roll! Another exciting video directed by Roger B Stillz for the fans and showcases ladies of all sizes dancing in they cribs. #TeamCham is working hard to get the message across, CHAM is still the ladies DJ but the fellas gonna enjoy this video also.

Madhouse Records #TEAMCHAM
Directed by: Roger B Stillz

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Konshens – Gyal A Bubble (Video)

Yes… okay… Jamaicans love to party.. (( SIMPLE )). So, this video from Konshens, shows his humorous side with all the side-eyes to the camera as the ladies are ‘doing their thang’. And yes with all the good Dancehall music coming out of Jamaica, any car-wash can literally turn into a session or ‘party’. Just watch the video and see KONSHENS da realest.

Follow him on twitter: @KonshensSojah
Produced by: Subkonshus Music

Pressure – “Touch U” (In The Right Places) [Video]

This track was on the CY Summer Reggae mix cd and ladies have waited a LONG TIME for the video. Pressure (busspipe) has been a extremely consistent vocal artist for some years now and this video shows the serious and sexy side of the Rastaman! Gotta shout out the leading lady in the video and the beautiful scenery of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, St. Croix & St. John (STAND UP) + can’t forget B.V.I (smile)